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First trip - Heaven, Hell and back. [Thai]

We were on holiday in Amsterdam for 5 nights.

We were on holiday in Amsterdam for 5 nights.

None of us had really done shrooms before, apart from one of my friends who had dabbled slightly. But anyway, we went into the local headshop and got ourselves a box of 'Thai' mushrooms each. The dose was 35g fresh. I think this was quite alot for a first time tripper, but the guy in the shop said we would be fine if we ate the first half of the box, then ate the second half if we felt up to it.

We started eating them about 4 in the afternoon back in the hotel, I didn't find them too bad to eat, or digest. I ate most of the first half on their own then prepared a pot noodle to help me with the rest, never chopped them up though... just placed them in my mouth then shoveled in a spoon full to get rid of the rubbery texture.

Around an hour and 4 joints later, I can remember saying to my mate
"I can feel these workin, can you?"
We all looked at eachother and went into an extreme fit of laughter for the next two hours. The laughter was uncontrollable, one of the guys who was with us decided not to take any, he went out to get himself something to eat and said that he could hear us from outside the hotel, LOL. How we managed not to get evicted from the hotel is beyond me, you should have seen the state of the room next day...

Anyway... there we were tripping our boxes off, this is when the visuals started, the hotel we were staying at had an old victorian ceilling, I can remember thinking as soon as I seen it "this is going to send me west at some point" and it certainly did. Everytime I looked at it, it would change, at one point there were Gargoyles in each corner of the ceilling, which then morphed into lions heads, Wizard of Oz style. The best bit about it is I wasn't even scared in the slightest.

My mate spilt his cup-a-soup that had half of his mushrooms in all over my bed, we looked at eachother and just pissed ourselves laughing, it was pure bliss, nothing could possibly us off. Shortly after I stood up to go to the toilet. [we had double bunk beds in our room, which meant a big ladder to climb down!] I went to climb down and lost my balance, rolled back and went face first into the soup! (Not nice with long hair) I sat up, not phased in the bothered and said " I told you this would get messy " , the intense laughter started again!

In the middle of all of this laughing, three of my mates ran to the bathroom and vomitted from the nausea. I remember my mate thinking that there was maggots in his sick! LOL, we all crowded around the sick in the sink and genuinely believed that there were maggots in it, none of us cared though.
My mate doesn't believe me but I did not experience nasuea of any description while on them.

I ate the rest of my box which according to shroomery.org was a level 4 trip (35g fresh Thai). I was twisted, half an hour later the visuals were getting stronger and stronger, at one point I was talking to the wall for a good 10 or 15 minutes. I remember my mate passing me a joint, all of us chatting utter bollocks, I kind of collapsed with the joint onto my pillow and started tripping out bigtime. At that point the Forrest Gump suite was being played from the soundtrack... it's such a great piece of Music with so many different themes and moods to it, the music was perfect. I had an amazing view out of my window of the trees and some great buildings. It was one of the most blissful moments of my life.

Soon, I started frantically questioning something that probably stems from my lack of confidence and depression, my purpose in life. All these thoughts going through my head, thinking 'why were you put here?' ' what have you accomplished? nothing!' I soon snapped out of this though... and then realised that I had my whole life to live for, and was still to experience many of lifes great things such as having kids etc. I remember taking my head off my pillow, my eyes were full of water, the pillow was wet where my tears had soaked it. They made me so emotional, I remember trying to figure out how long this trip had been going on, when I looked at the clock it made no sense what so ever, the minute and hour hand were back to the front, and the numbers were upside down... no movement atall, just totally fucked up.

My friend told me the time and it had been 7 hours that i'd been tripping, at this point though, I was so confused. People say the first few hours are the most intense, but on this trip, the last 2 hours were definitely the most intense for me, and by far the worst. Sheer confusion made me have conversations that weren't happening. While I was lying on the bed I could hear random phrases getting said like (nothing like when you hear voices in your head, my ears were hearing them!) "Hey ben, do another joint!" "Have you got that roach?" At one point I could hear lots of evil laughs, and I was getting very paranoid and disorientated. When I sat up I looked at my friend laying on the opposite bed who had already came down 2 hours before, and he was chatting the most utter bollocks to me ever, stuff that he would never usually say. I'd snap out of it n say 'wtf, this isn't real' look back at him and he'd just be sitting there in silence staring at the walls.

The worst part of the trip came shortly after, because I couldn't differentiate between reality and these illusions, I got it into my head that I had died. This was because I was in an utter state of confusion. I had somehow got it into my head that I was experiencing a form of after life, and that I was controlling everything that everybody said in the room. But I was totally at one with it, thinking to myself " This isn't so bad is it, I can control what they say and do, as long as this is the case nothing can upset me ". Then I was thinking wtf, perhaps I'm in a coma? Am I going to wake up any second now with my family staring at me from a hospital bed? Fear and loathing indeed, I kept on saying to everybody 'has it always been like this?' 'DID U JUST SAY THAT??' as I couldn't tell if they genuinely were saying it, or if it was me controlling it. This twisted state of confusion went on for about 2 hours, untill I snapped out of it completely.

Because my other mates had been sick and not ate the whole box, my trip lasted the longest. I came down about 3 hours after my friends did. In total I think I was twisted for 9-10 hours. I'd never done Acid or anything remotely like this in the past, it kicked me fucking hard, but i loved it

The comedown was the best ever, I felt spiritually uplifted. The comedown was similiar to pills in the sense that I was at one with everything, nothing what so ever could phase me. I went to get a cold drink from the machine in the hotel as I was suffering from a severe case of cotton mouth, then I smoked one of the biggest joints I had ever smoked with a huge smile on my face, reflecting on one of the most fucked up yet best journeys I had ever been on.

Overall a very first strong trip, but would do it again in a heart beat


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