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First Trip - AMAZING

So my buddy and i picked up 1/4th, and we both split it.

So my buddy and i picked up 1/4th, and we both split it.. We were at the jersey shore he save a little and i ate a whole 1/8th.. Now these were supposed to be REALLY powerful shrooms, so don't think i am lying about having a level 4 trip.

After i ate them, i was surprised that they tasted good, like sunflower seeds. After i ate them, i downed about 1/4 gallon of orange juice, as i heard it increases the visuals.

So i go up to my freinds house and sit by the pool and he has his cd player blasting the song "homebrew" by 311 (because its about trippin on july 4th) great song btw. This was about 35 min after i ate them, and at the part of the song where they say "it was independance day, ive seen the other side and i say, oh ive been insane, and i will never be the same" it just hit me like a wall and all the colors i have seen got brighter and more vivid.. I was looking at the pool and it kept getting deeper and deeper and deeper..

So once we realized we were trippin, we drank some more OJ and started walking to the beach. After about another 15 minutes, i started to see shit. When i looked at the ground on the sidewalk, the textures were crazy. it was swirling around and moving like crazy. If i would focus on something, like my freind walking infront of me, he was in complete focus, and everything around was blurry, like in movies when the camera is out of focus. It was a long walk, so i put on my ipod. This time i was listening to the red hot chili peppers. I listened to "Snow (hey oh)" and when the guitar and bass came in everything started breathing, and pulsating, and everything that was out of focus (the backround) started getting closer and closer but my freind stayed in the same spot. This is when the shrooms really started kicking in and once the drums came in my senses were mixing and i would see cars getting bigger and smaller according to the drum beat. Everytime Flea was beatin his bass everything was rumbling.

Once we reached the beach, i was so fucking excited i almost passed out.. it was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.. it was around 7 oclock and noone was really out except for a couple surfers. The waves were truly an amazing sight. They were big that day too. I dont know why but i was just so uber excited. The colors of the sunset made a glassy orange on the water, and the colors were just so intense. We sat on the lifeguard stand and smoked ciggarrette after ciggarrete just watching shit form in the smoke. After about 5 ciggarettes, everything kicked in fully. (this was about 45 min after eating the shrooms)

Everything was a level 3 trip, but now the level 4 shit started coming in. Everytime my freind talked, i finished his sentences like i knew exactly what he was gonna say.. i was so confused about my Ego..

then, i had my first ever out of body experience.. ill tell you this.. IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING. it is almost impossible to explain but ill try..
i was staring at the ocean for so long that i felt like i WAS the ocean breaking over the beach.. i could feel a cool rush going through my body.

Well after that i was getting kinda scared because my trip was getting so intense and so long that i was thinking it was never going to end.. for the rest of the night we just talked and smoked ciggarrettes untill our trip was done..

In all it was just fucking amazing.. best experience of my life
i feel so much different after experiencing mushrooms, and i think everyone should experience them

happy trippin,

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