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first trip

my first trip was last year, about a week before Halloween, i just decided to go walk around and shit because i was bored at home.

my first trip was last year, about a week before Halloween, i just decided to go walk around and shit because i was bored at home. i saw some old stoner friends of mine and they had an 8th and they asked if i wanted some, so i said yeah like it was no big deal, so me and this other dude went halves on it but i might have got more than him, we finished them quick cuz it was in public, right outside of a mcdonalds on the most busy street corner in the city, 10 minutes later and i dont know why but i couldnt stop staring at the moon, it had seem fuller and closer than it had ever been.

me and my friends just sat their silent for 10 more minutes, the whole time i sat tripping on the nearby flashing headlights and the constant rise of cigarette smoke and not knowing whether or not the shrooms were finally taking effect, and it wasnt until i was finally alone that they hit me, i was heading home through a nearby bike path, to paranoid to be seen public any longer for many reasons, i normally was familiar with that bike path just as a short cut home but i had never seen it so deserted, so silent, all the sudden my vision started to zoom in, so quickly that i felt like it almost knocked me back, i turned back to look only to be knocked forward, i dont think i ever had so many shadows at once especially not at 8:00 at night.

i got home turned on the radio, it was playing "alice in chains" and for some reason i that was hilarious so i started laughing and kind of loud too, i went to the end of the room, sat down and looked toward the door and the room started leaning forward, i went to take a shower, wondering why everything was a different shade of green, bigger and closer than normal and why there was black spots on my hands and i also made the mistake of looking the mirror and freaking and getting hysterical but that lasted 2 seconds, i went to my room, turned the lights off, closed the door, layed down and looked up at the ceiling, and from then on, nothing was normal, 2 minutes seemed like 2 hours, my sweat seemed like blood, my led zeppelin poster above my bed turned into four mutant ragdolls just sticking out of the wall, my ceiling was a gathering of killer cannibal clowns, werewolves with jagged shaped skulls structures, and all sorts of twisted little figures along with eyeballs of all shapes, sizes, and bright colors floating around like bubbles and popping only to be replaced by about 10 more and someone singing, sounding like rob zombie with severe throat problems.

i passed out at about 3 or 4 in the morning and woke up at 5am with bite marks on my hands and my bed soaked in cold sweat, my clothes were pretty much completely on backwards from rolling around so much, i had the worst headache and i hadnt eaten nothing but the shrooms for 3 days, my friends tell me that i had a bad trip but it seem pretty fuckin good too me and every trip since then has gotten better and better

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