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first timer

I'll answer the questions first, then describe my night.

I'll answer the questions first, then describe my night.
*Mild stoned feeling, giggles, understanding, on a different level to everything, wonder, worry, lack of grasp of time, fright.
*Ate 1cm^3 cube of ginger, didn't eat food for a couple of hours before hand, drank lukewarm green tea whilst just starting.
*3 doses of 0.5g, 30 mins apart.
*No alcohol, but a little marijuana after 1gram.
*54kg, male, 18.
*started at 7.06pm, got to sleep around 3.15am.

Well well well. Last night, I took 1.5g of dried psilocybe cyanesens, and I never thought I could be like that.

At 7.06pm, I ate a cube of ginger, and then half a gram. They didn't taste as bad as I had suspected, and couldn't feel anything to begin with (as opposed to pretty much instant with pot). I sat in a darkened room with a fibre optic lamp spinning around, and trippy music on not too loud, but not too quiet. My body felt like it has done before - really heavy, and slow. My mind wasn't feeling that way, and I knew in myself that I could move my legs. I have had a little bit of imagination before hand, and kind of expected things to happen, which might have lead to some early placebos, but they were still nice.

I had a feeling not too dissimilar to cannabis, and some things were so funny, you wouldn't believe. I could think that the shadows were animals, but not a proper halluciation, and not on the same level as me. After 30 mins, we decided to take the other half gram.

Munched on that, and could quickly feel that something was happening to my body. My friend told me to let it happen, and that stayed with me for quite a long time. I saw mild hallucinations, like the walls' perspective changing, and things felt odd in my hand. I somehow had a piece of silk in my hand, and it was so comforting to know that it was tehre, and the feelings I got from it were relaxing.

We decided to take a little more, and I think that it was a bad idea. I had stronger feelings, and couldn't stop thinking about a girl. I needed to have something touching me (my face that is), and had the tassle on a cusion, keep moving on my face. The 3rd dose seemed to kick in after a while, and I sat in a darkened room on my own, but with an electric fire (the ones with glowing red pretend flames), and silence. There was a faint humming in the room, and my eyes tried to find it. One of the noises I wanted to make go away, and that's when (what I believe) my bad trip started. I felt really odd, spaced out, weird. I felt like my body was just something that I was looking at, but not in a conventional sense, like it was someone elses. It was just a big lump of energy, and the sides of me were sheets of energy. I began to feel realisement, and understanding what I was feeling/seeing. I then started to think of the universe as this same energy thing, and that it kept collapsing in on itself. I tried to draw it, and it turned out ot be like a doughnut, just piling into the empty middle.

I sat on a bunk bed, and started to try to explain it to 3 friends in the room. They tell me my words were messed up, but to me, that didn't matter. All I saw was me (not my body) looking in on this room with people inside.They didn't make any sense. They were just 'being' when I was able to see from a completely different dimension.

A friend insisted I talk about it, and so I tried. It helped me so much, and it made me think so hard. Everything kept just going in on itself, and if thats going in, where I'm seeing it from, must be going in too.

I started to get a little scared of my surroundings, and then I walked downstairs to get a bag of crisps. Ate 3 bags of quavers in a row, and thought that I know I'm eating these, but its just moving these sheets of energy around the place. The time after that was a little bit of a blur, but not as enjoyable as the first couple of hours.

A few people came round to this house, and I knew them all. For some reason, I was still able to make a little joke, and they found my state funny, and what I said funny. I think. I went upstairs and tried to throw up, and found myself mesmerised.... by the water in the toilet moving.

I tried to think about what I was thinking about, and got a sleeping bag, and slept in a quiet room. Sleeping wasn't too hard, and when I woke up, thinking back of what I had done was so strange.

Time to try to comprehend what I thought, and get ready for work. Whooo. Thanks to anyone on this forum, who helped identify my friends shrooms.

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