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First Time. Intense

This was my first time shrooming.

This was my first time shrooming. I was 16 years old.

I went to school with intentions of buying a couple hits of acid. There was none to be found, but i heard that there were some shrooms circulating. I got home and I didn't know how much to take, so I just ate a cap. I gave some stems to a couple of my friends. I waited about 20 minutes and nothing happened so I ate some more. Before I knew it I had the whole bag down and I was wandereing the streets of my town. <complete blackout maybe 20 min.> I am in a park with my friends. Someone is eating pizza. i walk up. can't talk. I put pizza in my hair. I am rolling on the ground. Somehow later I was on the train tracks. under a bridge. vaguely aware of talking nearby. Trying to roll a joint out of notebook paper. The train track turns from steel to sponge. I put my finger through it. I start to talk to my friend and notice that the ring in his ear is now the ring in a bull's nose. His whole head is a bull. It is charging at me. I scream.He turnd and asks what is wrong. His head is normal again. But everything is in black and white and it is fading in and out. <blackout for a couple minutes> Smoking a joint. Someone is puking nearby. i notice that the grass is growing. I watch it for a couple minutes. I feel myself turning into the grass. <cunfusion, hard to remember> Under a bridge talking to a strange girl. For no reason, I put my cigarette out on my tongue. Above i see flashing lights. Police Man. Bad. Some person pointing "Yes officer, that's them down there under that bridge." Being pulled by friends. Running forever. Woods, trees everywhere. Non-stop running. Need to sit. Crawling. Friends pulling me. I'm crying. <blackout unknown amount of time> In friends basement. Loud music. Death metal. Very scary voices. Voices everywhere. Voices from a poster yelling at me. sinking into the couch. sleep. awake. sleep awake... <confusion/ histeria> Walking home with friends. see an aquantance crossing the street. go to talk to him. talk for maybe 45 minutes. look around notice he is no longer there. not sure if he was ever there. it is dark out. freinds are gone. i go home. lay on water bed. trun on strobe light. watch cieling fan. i wake up next morning in my bath tub. leateher jacket on. nothing else. wet. Most of that day is a hze, but some of the thoughts i had were amazing.

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