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First time, Crazy time

Me and two of my friends (J and D) had wanted to try mushrooms for quite a while.

Me and two of my friends (J and D) had wanted to try mushrooms for quite a while. We had read many or the trip reports off of shroomery and they had intrigued us.haha. But it wasnt east to come by them. we had pretty much given up the idea when one day my friend J had called me and told me his cousin was coming out on the weekend and he would bring some shrooms if we wanted them. So me J and D had all decided on buying 3 grms each.J's cousin came out on friday and would be staying the entire long weekend. On friday me,J,D, and J's cousin all stayed in J's cabin that he had on his property(he had lots of property). We started the night off by each eating one gram each on top of pizza bagels(mmmm). For the weekend, since it was one to be remembered, I had gotten hold of 2 grams of weed too!! Any way after eating the gram we had decided to smoke a godzilla fatty between the four of us. After we had finished the "paralyzer" we proceeded to eat all of the chocolate bars we had gotten for the weekend.(wow) I had'nt felt anything kick in other then a nice mellow feeling from the paralyzer so me and the guys decided to eat our other two grams. We then started playing mario cart on J's nintendo(good stuff). it was a very fun experience, but after a while my body just started to tingle. it was a very uplifting experience. I asked the rest of the guys if they were feeling anything, and J just stared at me. D and J's cousin(im going to call him C)said that they were and that they thought the stars would be really nice out(It was about 10:00). I went back to J and he just burst out laughing, i joined in because his face seemed to be growing and moving really strangely. We finally got up and opened the door of the cabin when i felt it hit very strongly. A wind blew through the door that was very colourful. this was my first time seeing anything like this so i was really amazed. I ran outside and told the others, " the sky wasnt where we were anymore" and they all just laughed hysterically at me. we all sort of were tripping out and telling eachother about the things we were seeing when D just started breathing really hard. I asked him why he was doing it but i couldnt hear what anybody said after that. I could only hear the hard breathing, it was really creepy but i felt safe because i was with the other guys. the sky looked like an ocean that was upside down, but it was'nt falling. the stars looked like little tiny elf? ppl i guess. i wondered how they could move around on the water without falling in, so i demanded of them(the sky) , "how do you float on the water like that you elves!?!" they all formed into one giant elf and it started trying to grab me with tentacle arms. it was scary but for some reason i felt that i would be fine. the other guys had sort of split up and were scattered around the field we were in. I yelled out to them, "to form a brigade" and they all turned to look at me. we kinda gathered together and were speaking gibrish to eachother that we all understood because of eachothers vibe?(thats the best way i can explain it) I felt like a knight in medievel times and the other guys were bandits from western times. i told them this and they all thought that was cool so we started running around the field singing non rhyming no beat songs about how we were three bandits and a knight. after doing this for a while C told me we needed to get back to our "safehouse" which was the cabin. We all booked it back to the cabin as fast as we could. while i ran i thought that i was being chased by (i dont know why)palm trees. i was actually pretty scared so i ran really fast, faster then light, not even light could keep up with me. i ran into the fucking door of the cabin and fell down, very off-balance. when the others arrived i told D that he had to open the door because he was the chosen one who had " the elipsed moon daggar" but he wouldnt do it. so J just opened the door and we all spilled in. I forgot about time the entire time and when i saw the digital alarm(which was glowing a very bright gold and whistling WTF!?) clock on top of the bed i realised it was 3 in the morning. J told me we had to sleep "or our brains would drip through our noses". this was kind of scary so i decided i was pretty tired. i went to the bed i had made up and gotten into when D and C had turned on Mario Kart and started playing. i was to scared to leave the safety of my all-protecting sleeping bag so i just lay there listening, and seeing lights shoot around my closed eyes. i was very much awake but wanted to sleep. the last thing i remember before falling asleep was J whispering to me that "if we all focused we could see into our lives." Right after that i started tripping out hardcore to the sounds coming from the game(it has some weird sound FX and music) I guess i passed out because the next thing i knew i opened my eyes and it was 11AM. That was quite possibly the greatest night of my life. The next day D pulled out a piece of paper that he had written on the night before and read it alloud to all of us. it read," I cant follow this time....2 NEVER JUMP OFF THE TRACK OR YOU WILLL FALL INTO SPACE FOREVER!....3..hudda..mueter rat..(WTF).. ....77777kaleidiscope ......we are the three bandits .....here is my tale.
-there are three bandits and a knight
-we eat your oatmeal....
-the knight has yellow armour..he is pleasant
-i dont know where you are......tell me plz?
-(from here on the writing is harder to translate)
-a e lllter aligator maybe? ...
-i like the riting i do
-( then there is a picture of a bowling ball ?maybe, hard to tell.
..sorry about the length of this. had to get the story straight though!
thankx for reading!

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