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Excellent first trip!

the first time I took shrooms was over this past summer, with my bandmates.

the first time I took shrooms was over this past summer, with my bandmates. Ill be honest i was so damn nervous. The previous night I was actually on this website, researching mushrooms b/c i didnt wanna have a bad trip. Anyway, we ate them on peanutbutter sandwiches. My friends ate a bout 2 grams, but b/c it was only my first time, i took about 1 and a half. Anyway, we ate them and then had band practice in my basement for about a half hour. I started to feel a little goofy (kinda drunk) about 35 minutes into it. Once we started feelin a little funny, we went outside. (we were at my house.) And the setting couldnt have been more perfect--nice sunny day, a few huge white puffy clouds in the sky, a swimming pool in the backyard with so much shrubbery, and flowers of all colors and trees of all sizes. we sat ouside my pool area just smokin some cigarettes. by this time 40 minutes has gone by and were were getting really giddy/ excited. All the colors in my backyard had come to life with such bright and beautiful colors. We had music playing through our outside speakers and it was the greatest thing I had ever heard. I dont really remember what we had in--some Dave Matthews Band; Crosby, Stills Nash, and a band called My Morning Jacket, one of my favorites (check em out). Anyway, we were all just so happy for no general reason. Everything in life was just so good. Anything we did was so amazingand amusing. I remember we walked to my front yard (which seemes lke it was miles away from the backyard). We were all laying under this tree in my frontyard, and as i was staring up into it, it seemed to be breathing, and the leaves were lowering themselves around me. and then the ice cream man drove by and me and my friends talked for 15 minutes on how cool the role of an ice cream man is to society. hes so simple. (mushrooms definatley makes you think about stuff that u normally would not.) anyway, we went back in the backyard after our visit to the front. When we got to the backyard again i was amazed by the yellow flowers we have around the pool area. they were so amazing that i sat in front of them for a good 5 minutes (which i swear felt liek an hour (you have no sense of time). Anyway, they were AMAZING. this is where i experienced my first trip. the flowers kept growing toward my face...and multiplying and demultiplying. i remember feeling very sad when they would demultiply, but then happy again when they came back. I came back to reality and realized "holy shit, im tripping so bad right now" i was a little scared but one thing you have to do with shrooms is just roll with it. Dont try to bring yourself back to reality. You really have to "let go" to enjoy it. Anyway, next thing i remember i was sitting on the diving board of the pool, dave matthews band was playing on the stereo, and everything was in sync with the music, i swear to god i was in a music video. every plant and tree and flower i looked at seemed to be breathing, especially the trees. We all started coming down from the trip a little while after we went swimming which was AWESOME. Overall my first trip, although deathly afraid of it, turned out to be one of the best times ever. (and to top off the night we went to go see the Allman Bros. which really kicked ass.) Happy Shroomin

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