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First time, Bad Trip

It was the initiation ceremony for our fraternity, and me and a bunch of my friend decided to trip.

It was the initiation ceremony for our fraternity, and me and a bunch of my friend decided to trip. We split an 1/8 and went on with it. Little did i know that this would be the worst experience of my life. After half an hour my friend was laughing uncontrollably on floor, snot and spit dripping all over his face and clothes. I felt nothing. Then we went up to a friends room and thats when we smoked a bowl of strong weed. As soon as i felt the pot high i felt the trip. I had so many thoughts running through my head. My friends got sick of listening to me ramble on about anything and everything. We went back downstairs to the ceremony where it was extremely scary. I couldn't sit still and was starting to have bad thoughts. I got up and started to walk around to try to relax. I didn't stop walking for about an hour, all the while thinking so much that i couldn't control my body. i was walking into walls, tripping up stairs. At this point i realized that what i was seeing in my eyes was really only a thought and that i was really in a mental hospital. This freaked me out and the thought wouldnt' leave my head. The few words i could get out to friends walking by were pleas of help and telling them to hide all knives, cuz i didn't know if my body was going to try to kill myslef. I did manage to get into a shower with cold water but that didn't help. i looked at myself in the mirror and really thought hard about the reality of my life. Was it real or was it fake? i couldn't answer the question. i then procedded to try to make myself throw up to get the shrroms out of my stomach, that didn't work. after showering i went upstairs to my friends room. as i passed my the portriats one of the brothers jumped out at me and screamed. that freaked me out. when i got up to my friends room i sat on his couch trying to relax, but couldn't. the tv was on and i thought the people on the show were looking at me saying how fucked up i was and i needed help. just at that time my one other buddy came in and started to talk to me and chilled me out a little bit. i told him to get everyone whowas trippin up to the room so i could relax and see that what i was feeling, others were feeling the same thing. everyone came up and said how freaked out they were about the initiation and said everyone not trippin was freaking them out. i started to grasp reality again and was able to sit up and have a slight conversatin again, but my jaw was so heavy it was tough to talk. THose were the "highlights".

Cliff Notes:
Lost touch with reality and had a mental battle with myself on whether what i have been living was real or not. Not too many visuals just fucked up thoughts and loss of reality. DO NOT TRIP IF U R NOT IN A GREAT MOOD. NO NOT TAKE SHROOMS ON A HANGOVER. MAKE SURE U HAVE GOOD VIBES AROUND YOU AND A SOBER WATCHER-BUDDY. SHROOMS WILL OPEN YOUR MIND TO NEW THOUGHTS AND WAYS OF PERCEPTION.
i have since tripped one other time and totally enjoyed it. Alot of visuals and sound distortion. At the end of that trip i had the same mental hospital dellima. A few weeks after this last trip, i was watching "The Jacket" and somehow tripped again, without eating shrooms?. i thought my life was just a thought while i was really inside a mental hospital just thinking my entire life and what i could have had if i wasn't in the hospital. I have since decided i will never take shrooms or acid ever again. it opened my mind up to too much and my perception of things has become skewed.

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