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first time with salvia 15x trip

Well today at about 3 oclock I tried salvia for the first time.

Well today at about 3 oclock I tried salvia for the first time. I had heard a lot about it and was very excited. I read all about how to do a safe trip with drinking water close by and a place to trip and not worry about looking sketchy. I went to the local headshop and bought 1 gram of 15x (i was planning on 5x or 10x originally) for a trip I was planning. I got a girlfriend of mine who smokes often and another girlfriend who smokes and had an open house. I did just as i had heard and smoked a bowl of mj out of a large hvy glass bong. I then packed a small nugget of mj and put a small pinch of salvia extract on top of it. I took one large hit, held it, then released.I immediately felt physical changes. my arms where tingling,i was mildly confused, then I took another large hit. I was feeling some serious stuff. I then realized that this is for real, its a lot stronger than weed. I began feeling uneasy. after my 3rd large hit I was good. I remember handing the bong to a friend, and them asking me if they should pack it. I stared at them and didn't know what to say. i leaned back and wanted to lay down. I remember them smoking and me feeling ashamed and embarrassed that they were seeing me lay down. I kept looking up at them and apologizing but they were staring at me in awe. i then walked around my friends (how and why are beyond me) I was suddenly on the other side of them.
Then shit started getting crazy. I began getting CEV but my eyes were open. it was like portion of my vision was ripped and the inside was revealed. It was like looking under the valve cover of an engine. there was patterns in green that were writhing and flashing. they then transformed into tiny insect-like elf people. i realized that they were all working together in a giant complicated machine and it was creating and running my reality. I had torn the canvas of reality and saw through to the inner workings of it. I then felt my face on my hands and started sobering up. I saw my friends and spoke to them. they were still in their trips as I had gone first. they just stared at me and we all just sat there feeling very stoned for a while. that was it.

I had finally found out a drug that could make me completely lose control. this is exciting to me because I have lost some of the effect that mj had on me and this was stronger and i was so curious. I feel like I had dreamed these things before, about the elves and the machine, but now i could see it while awake and could remember it thoroughly. I plan to do it again in a few days.

I posted this for any that are curious and are researching salvia. it is a mysterious and powerful drug. RESPECT IT. it can make you completely lose control so be with familiar people in a comfortable place and try it. its so worth it.

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