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first time wit tha goomies

Iiight it was bout 5:30.

Iiight it was bout 5:30. i jus copped on an 8th of some potent shrooms. i went back ot my house. i was anxious cuz it was mah first time. i put a half 8th on the end of a pizza and ate the pizza. this was about at 5 30. i didnt start feelin much soon. slowly, i started feeling different. things got funnier. there was a period of about 15 mins after i ate em where i dont remember anything. my friends said i jus stared at the TV in silence. then i looked outside. it was orange pink and blue and some black. it looked like a sunset sky. even tho it was dark. the street light was makin every house on the block a bright orange color. it was strange. slowly, i felt my trip goin up. body started feelin weird. LAUGHED AT EVERYTHING. at about 1 hr and a half to 2 hrs was when i was trippin hard. i probably layed on the ground for a total of 2 hrs that night durin the trip jus starin at shit. i saw a face in the ceiling. it was surrounded by a shiny grey sphere and the face would copy my every expression. if i laughed, it laughed. if i opened my mouth it opened its mouth. it looked like a clown and it was great. the ceilin kept morphing into a checkerboard pattern and the patterns were criss crossing everywhere. then i layed on the ground after that and put my cell phone on the ground. everything was weird. jus feeling my hand or lifting my arm felt very strange. i watched the rug slowly engulf my cell phone over and over. it would creep over the top and my cell would shrink into the ground. then the time on my phone was shrinking and blowing back up and random number would change size and spin. everyday things interested me and i spent a lot of time staring. i stared at my sprite bottle and watched it swirl and spin and enlarge and shrink over and over. my hands looked humongous. i felt a lot taller.i felt as if i was watchin my trip thru a tv. like as if somebody put a camera on my head and i was watching my trip thru the cameras view on a tv. it didnt feel like it was actually me. hard to explain but very trippy. i kept getting distracted. thigs were very hard to do. i decided to lay down. i panicked for a while because i thought my friends dad had caught me. but he really didnt notice i was trippin at all. but i started sweating because i thought he noticed i was fucked up. anyway...all in all it was a great trip. never laughed so much. never saw so much cool shit. SHROOM IT UP TO THA FULLEST

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