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first time whole 1/8

It was Friday night and me and my friend Matt both had 2 8Th's.

It was Friday night and me and my friend Matt both had 2 8Th's. we both took them around 11. we walked down to blockbuster to rent Alice in wonder land. then the body hi hit me i almost fell over. we headed back. I was then sitting on the couch
with my eyes shut and i was in another world just floating around. Then Matt wakes me up and says lets go. so we went to this guy Brian's house. and on the way there i was just about peaking and having abstract thoughts. we were on these creek trails and i saw glowing green dead lions so we ran and it felt like we were flying. so we meet up with Brian
but i didn't realize who it was at first so i went off to gaze at some trees. Finally were at his house and he knew trippin so he was hella fuckin with us. he then told us to go into the closet. Matt went first. and as i was waiting for him i was scared so i hid. Matt was out and i went in. first i saw angry demons the turned to my right and saw a mother trying to hide her child then the walls turned to blue yellow and red skittles then they morphed into three djs scratching thats when i left the closet. we were just hanging out and i was starring at Brian cause he looked like a lizard. then another guy was talking about some huge mosquito and iwas confused. then i looked at the cabinets it was a womens face melting ad remelting. then we walked back and on the way back we came across what i thought was a bike cop but my friend says he was just lighting a cigarette with a light saber. Then we were back on the street where i stopped to admire the beauty of a leaf on a tree. we got back to his house and we started to watch Alice in wonder land when Matt and the whole room turned to stone. then i got up to get water and didn't want to walk back cause it looked like a mile. then it all went bad i got up and bit the t.v. and pulled my pants down and passed out. then i remember humping the floor that at the time was a girl. i passed out again and didn't remember why my pants were down.i got up and went to the bathroom where i looked at myself and i looked like claymation. this is when i went mad postal an Matt tried to put me to bed but it all felt like a dream i could manipulate. i was ripping shit off the walls and hitting Matt. i finally lay ed down but soon got up and went over and punched him in the head. i then went back to bed.then it was over i passed out and woke up the next day so confused and tired.

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