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First time trip.....Tripping our realllllly hard

Okay, so my friend and I have really been wanting to shroom for a while now.

Okay, so my friend and I have really been wanting to shroom for a while now. We have tried to get a hold of them before, but with our luck we got jacked.

It was friday and when i saw my friend he informed me that he got 3 grams of dried shrooms. We planned on taking them at my house that night while my parents were asleep.

It was about 11:20 and we each decided to take 1.5 grams. We began eating them and they didnt taste as bad as i thought they would. In total we each had about 5 caps and 3 stems.

We were told not to think about tripping out so when they hit you wouldnt expect it. We went to watch a movie and when we were sitting on the couch about 45 minutes after eating them i could feel my body getting really heavy. I was wondering if it was working because the body high that i had was almost exactly to that of ecstasy(if any others have tried ecstasy, they know what i mean).

Neither of us really felt like moving so we just continued to watch the movie. In about 15 minutes i started feeling really weird. I closed one eye as i watched the movie and the tv was getting really small and i couldnt really makeout what was going on. It felt as if i was in a movie theater watching the movie(also because my tv is very large). I told my friend what was going on and he was really pissed off because nothing was happening to him yet.

He said he was hungry so poured himself a bowl of cocoa krispies. After pouring the bowl he found out that i didnt have any milk in the house. He just began to eat them plain with his hand. I went to the counter to join him. I was really tripping out looking at them. They were spinning around in the bowl and making waves. I got really intrested i started touching it and eating some too. My friend got annoyed by me so he went to the couch to watch tv.

When he sat down i just plunged into the bowl with my face just inhaling the ceral through my mouth and some were going into my nose. I had no idea what i was doing but if felt really good. When i took my face from the bowl i realized the mess i had made, there was ceral everywhere on the counter.

I stood up to clean it up and i thought i had regained conciousness or had stepped back into reality. I was very wrong, in about 5 seconds of that i looked at the tv and the peoples faces began to melt and twist around. I went back to the couch leaving the mess all over the counter.

I looked over cuz i saw something move(it was my dogs) and they looked like a big pile of mush. I got really freaked out and went over to see what it really was. They both stood up and they wanted to go outback. I opened the door and looked outside(it was about 12:45 and it was really dark) and it felt as if i was just a tiny little spec somewhere in the world. I got really freaked out and sat on the floor inside and looked out the glass door. On the fence across the yard i saw the planters peanut guys running back and forth and told my friend. He thought i was crazy.

While i was tripping out my friend was mad because his mushrooms werent working even though we both took the same amount and they were the same kind.

I recall going to the refridgerator to get something and when i opened it i thought it was the doors to heaven. The light was bright and i was really amazed. I dont know why but i decided to try and eat one of the shelves but i couldnt bite through it thankfully. I also tried to climb inside to and just stay in there but i couldnt fit. When i closed the door i was almost crying and i told my friend that the fridge was heaven.

After that he sat down on the couch again and i looked over at the tv and thought the people in it were talking to me. I was talking with them too so i went over to the tv. I was running my hands all along it and talking outloud to them. At this point i started freaking out.

I looked over at my friend and he looked like this kid i hate. I started yelling at him to get out of my house but he wouldnt respond and he just told me to shut the fuck up.

I was really scared so i tried to hid behind the tv but i couldnt fit.

My friend was angry because it had been 2 hours and he had felt nothing from the shrooms. He said he wanted to go listen to music in my room.

I have a california king waterbed so we decided to just chill on that. I got a whole bunch of sharpies out of my backpack and a notebook and decided to draw what i was thinking. It was very dark so i couldnt see that well, all i had was the moonlight because the light in my room hurt my eyes.

I ended up drawing some weird eyeball thing and a self portrait of me with weird wavy things in between. That night it looked like a really good drawing but it turned out it looked like a whole bunch of scribbes everywhere.

I also kept writing "HE WANTS ME" all over the notebook. I dont know where it came from but i told my friend Mr. Africa wanted me(i have no idea what that means) and he said i was crazy.

I stopped drawing for a few minutes trying to explain something that i had just thought of. I told my friend the philosophy of life that i had been thinking of while i was drawing. I cant remember what it was but i know it was really interesting.

After drawing we started watching tv and it was very boring. My friends mushrooms had not worked and he was bored so he decided to smoke some weed. Earlier that night he had smoked about 13 bowls out of my pipe and then ditched my pipe somewhere so he didnt have one to smoke out of. We went downstairs and made and ultra ghetto apple pipe and used a barbeque lighter to smoke. He asked if i would like to join him but i couldnt because my parents give me random drug tests so i cant really smoke anymore.

We went to my room and he packed bowl after bowl while i was tripping out looking at the flame of the lighter. He ended up smoking about 7 bowls and when he was done i took the apple and threw it out my window(my room is on the second story of the house) and it hit my neighbors roof and it fell onto something on the ground and made a really loud noise. At this time it was about 4 in the morning and now both of us were tripping out(me on shrooms and him on his weed).

We decided to watch cartoons and we had the tv muted. Now im not sure what was real and what i was imagining becuase it was the weirdest show i had ever seen in my entire life. Giant robots were getting shot with suction cup arrows and exploding and the arrows were just falling out of the sky. Out of nowhere their arms were getting chopped off and blood was gushing out and remember these are robots. It was really freaking me out because it was on cartoon network which is a kid channel.

After that was over i was really tired and i could feel the shrooms wearing off. Right as that was happening my friend told me his shrooms were kicking in but i dont get why it took so long. I fell asleep and so did he and the next morning i couldnt remeber everything that happend. My friend had to tell me everything that i couldnt remember.

After that trip i want to take shrooms again but next time i would like to have more visual halucinations.

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