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First time trip-from really bad to really good

I heard about shrooms before from one of my friends and decided to try them.

I heard about shrooms before from one of my friends and decided to try them. I got em from a friend at work. I heard your supposed to take em a gram at a time so a tried taking three caps and three stalks but nothing happend. So one day while my parents were at work i decided to just have my friend come over to smoke sum grass and do sum shrooms. I finished off the rest of my eight of shrooms by myself. I was sitting on my couch waiting for sumthing to happen but nothing was so i decided to go smoke with my friend because he was bored and so was I. We got pretty high with the normal feeling of being stoned. But then all of sudden my high was changing. I didnt feel high anymore. I was watching the simpsons and anything they were saying wasnt making sense. There heads started to get really disfigured and it was scaring me. I didnt know how to feel. I was constantly getting mad at stupid things like not being able to find my glasses or my friend playing music. I decided to go lye down on my bed and just try to fall asleep to make the trip go away. That was a bad idea. I saw different faces when i closed my eyes kind of like jokers but evil ones and then i saw sets of feet with boots on in a circle spinning but then multiplying to other foot wheels. I opened my eyes and my friend was sitting at the computer downloading a song. I looked at his curly hair and it seemed like each curl was a face of somekind laughing at me. I was really scared. I started having to go to the bathroom like every ten minutes. When i was looking at the toilet when i was pissing i saw the devils face in the toilet. I saw many different faces forming in all kinds of inamimate objects such as the wood perimeter of the mirror or the sinks marble design. I went back to my room and my friend wasnt there. It seemed like he disappeared but I later found him in the living room watching tv. He was still watching the simpsons and that was something i didnt want to do. I didnt have any idea what i wanted to do anymore. I kept thinking of what it was like to be in a sober state of mind but i couldnt get there and that really frightened me. I thought, would this last forever? Will I always see things like this and constantly feel paranoid? I didnt know what to do to make my self feel calm. I had my friend tell me that everything was gonna be alright and comfort me but i thought, what the hell does he know hes stoned. I couldnt feel my body. It was there but it wasnt mine. I tried lying in the bed again but the pattern of my cover was scaring me and the bed seemed to get really wide. I got up went into the living room and had my friend leave for no reason. I was trying to find something to do to make me feel "normal" but i didnt know what was going on. My friend left and my fear got more intense. I got a phone call from my sisters soccer coach. I couldnt understand what he was saying. I kept hearing him say soccer shorts and that was it. I thought to myself that the drugs were making me hear the phone ring and the guy on the other end was just in my head. I kept trying to call different friends but i couldnt find the right numbers on the phone. They seemed to be swithching spots and the phone would get big when i inhaled and small when i exhaled. Then i decided that this isnt so bad. My intense paranoia went away some how and i felt really happy. I decided to go see my old pal jordan. I got on my bike and started to ride. The humidity felt like it was waying me down and the slight curve of my sidewalk was extremely exagerated. It seemed the more i pedaled the farther jordans house went. Was this real? Was i sleeping at this moment and not knowing it? I thought to myself what if my moms home right now trying to wake me up? What am i doing? Oh yes jordans house. Why do i wanta go here? I dont know but my mind is telling me to go. I get to his house and he lets me in. He seems normal but his face is slightly distorted. I decide we should go swimming. It was the most pleasant swim ever. I was in the pool but i didnt feel wet. The sun seemed so bright and the air was so pure. I was loving life right now. My exsistence was making me very happy. We went inside and watched some tv. The shows started to make some sense now but the people were still distorted. We went to jordans room and played a video game. As jordan played i was in a maximum state of comfort. I felt safe. It was a great feeling. The game gave me a reminder though that i was tripping. After one of the good guys shot one of the bad guys the good guy would say "your wasted!" I know now that i didnt think that up but at the time it seemed like he was talking to me. After that the trip slowed down and i slowly came back to reality. My sense of touch was still distorted but my regular vision was coming back and all was good. I dont know right now if ill ever do shrooms again. This trip i speak of happend yesterday. It was my first and to me seemed really intense. I guess once you get over the fear the rest is just great.

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