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First time to shroom...

I've always wanted to shroom and everytime I've called a friend to get them I could never get them.

I've always wanted to shroom and everytime I've called a friend to get them I could never get them. Well, a couple nights ago that changed...and it was the best feeling I've ever experienced.

I was riding in my friends Audi in the backroads listenin to Paul Wall and Lil Wyte ( try to find Chop Chop Twist Twist and burn that on a cd and listen to it when you get a chance to shroom ) I bought 2 grams because the dealer said only to take 2 grams and no more. These boys were strong for only 2 grams to see what I saw. After about 45 min of munchin down the shrooms, my mind started to wonder and I'd find myself laughing at some of the dumbest things. I would talk to myself in my mind and start talkin to my 2 friends in the front but nothing would come out of my mouth and then I'd start to laugh. We stopped to smoke a few joints and I sware I was smoking in the backseat w/some Arabian guy next to me. lol it was so crazy! After a few joints and then a lil more driving we decided to head back to our friends house. On the way I felt something scratching the bottom of the car and knocking like it was Satan scratching and knockin on the bottom of the car to get my attention. I started to freak out for a second but then just told myself it was all in my head. Once we got to our friends house we went in the garage and smoked a lil more and watched the ceiling. I saw skeletons of dolphins and dinosaurs on the ceiling dancing around...I actually believed it for a second and then caught myself and decided to see how deep into the trip I could go...so I started to want to see some robots fighting each other...sure enough I did for about 30 min and then it wore off slowly. My first time to shroom was the BEST. After all the nights of trying to find them and not getting them...it all paid off in the end.

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