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First Time Shakes

This trip occurred about two years ago.

This trip occurred about two years ago. I was 20 at the time and had never taken mushrooms before. Be forewarned, this is long. I'll probably ramble on about insignifcant things.

Let me start off by explaining my previous experience with psychedelics. I became very interested in psychedelics when I was 15 or 16. I read everything I could get my hands on. A lot of my information came from the alt.drugs hierarchy accessed through bulletin board systems with Usenet feeds (before the Internet was ubiquitous). I read books and somehow found a few copies of the Albert Hoffman Society/Foundation newsletters.

I took my first hit of LSD when I was 16. I would indulge every couple of months, usually when the parents were out of town. I ordered things from ..of the jungle and tried them after research. I discovered datura stramonium (Jimson Weed) in my general area and experimented with that (tip: don't mix with LSD or stay away from datura spp altogether). I also managed to find wild growths of Morning Glory (and on one occasion accidentically ingested about 500g of common bindweed which looks identical to morning glory.. ack!).

Ok, on to my mushroom report.

I had about a quarter ounce of mushrooms and split it with my roommate. He went off and tripped with his girlfriend and I was waiting for the right time to eat my half. I did some research, trying to figure out how much to eat since I had never done it before.

About this time, an old girlfriend came to visit me (she lived 2000 miles away so this was a big deal). We partied and eventually decided to each eat half. She had done a lot more drugs than I had but I felt reasonably sure that I could handle whatever the mushrooms threw at me. After all, anyone that can make it through the movie Seven while on multiple hits of LSD is strong, right? <grin>

She had some friends with her, two guys and one was a flaming homosexual. They were all crashed at my pad for two or three weeks because of car trouble and I didn't particularly like the fact that these other people were in my apartment and really didn't like the queer.

So we munched our mushrooms and the effects started coming on. Somehow, we all started talking politics and with my barriers down, I said a few choice words. It's a pretty weird feeling with four people sitting in silence. It seemed like an eternity and I was getting frustrated. I looked at my old girlfriend and saw a halo appear around her head, like she was an angel. <fuzzy after that>

Around this time, I decided to go into my room. My old girlfriend followed and we laid on my bed and talked. I was laying on my back and after a few minutes, I started getting really massive shakes. My whole body was just shaking and I couldn't explain it and couldn't stop it. It was like a constant shiver, not full blown convulsions. It wasn't cold (it was Arizona!) and she seemed fine. She begged me to stop shaking but I couldn't. This went on for what seemed like hours.

After this, I completely blacked out and have no real memory of the events that occurred afterwards. I have vague recollections of staring in the mirror and watching Amp on MTV.

Maybe I'm a lightweight, I don't know. I hadn't eaten a whole lot that day so maybe that had something to do with it. I get some minor shakes when I take LSD but they go away after the onset, maybe 30-60 minutes into the session. This was different, almost like I was physically sick and my body did not like the substance I had ingested.

I haven't taken any psychedelics since that day. I will smoke marijuana on occassion down from what used to be a daily event. Even marijuana is strong to my system; it doesn't take much to really affect me so maybe I am just really caught up in my perceived reality and don't want to let go.

At any rate, someone mentioned the idea of taking mushrooms again and I think I'd like to try with a smaller dosage. That's what brought me to this site and caused me to write this little (err, long) report.

Moral of the story: you're not superman.. start small with anything new.


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