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Everything is Hilarious!

Me and three friends bought the shrooms from a guy in town and they were a lot cheaper than I expected.

Me and three friends bought the shrooms from a guy in town and they were a lot cheaper than I expected. It was my first time and I was excited as hell cause I'd been looking forward to doing them for a long time! So that night we went round to one of my friends house and took them around 8pm. They smelt rank and at first i couldnt bring myself to eat them. I eventually got them down and I felt relaxed and content for about half an hour. Suddenly though, little silly things became amazingly funny! I laughed uncontrollably, rolling about on the couch, with tears in my eyes! I remember thinking that I hadn't laughed like that since I was a kid!

So, we laughed at pointless shit for 40 mins or so and then we decided to watch Animatrix with the lights off! This was mind-blowing! The colours and everything were just incredible and I found myself following beams of light that were emanating from the T.V. screen with my head until they disappeared through the wall. About then, something crazy must've happened and my friend started freaking out, so we turned the light on. This brought me down a little bit for a minute or two cause I was having a blast! But, as I looked around, the room looked completely different and i had a really weird perspective on everything! One of my friends sat on the edge of his chair looked like a giant and the back wall looked like a miniture model that I was just looking at really close. I also noticed that I could see really cool colourful patterns when I closed my eyes. I spent 10 minutes or so just doin this!

I didn't really have a concept of time but it must have been about 11pm by this point. We decided to all sit around and just chat to each other and just have a laugh. As i took a sip of beer and went to put it down I thought I'd cut myself and I saw blood all over the can dripping down from around the rim! I yelled out and told them I was bleeding and they calmed me down and reassured me that I wasn't. Although there was no blood I could feel it on my hands when I wiped it! It wasn't that scary, just really weird! But, i fully trusted them and calmed down straight away.

Shortly after, we heard a tapping, and quite frankly, this scared the shit out of us! But it was just the cat at the door that had somehow got out without us knowing. After they started to wear off and i began to feel normal, I felt a bit dissapointed cos I was having such a great time. I didnt really want it to end and I wished I'd've done more. But for my first time I was glad I only did as many as I did. I can't really remember much more of what happened, but I know I had a great night and I'm definately looking forward to doing them again sometime soon. The strangest thing that happened all night was that the four of us had runny noses ALL night, from like 30 mins after we took them and we were fine again after they wore off! Does anyone know why this happened? Has anyone else ever had this?

The next day, I woke up with a mild headache and a stiff neck (prolly cos i slept on the couch) but other than that i felt great! I had a positive vibe about life for the next couple of days!

My first time was brilliant and highly enjoyable but my advice to other people doing it for the first time who may be reading this is do what I did. As well as being with people I knew well and trusted, I spent a lot of time on here, reading trip reports and stuff, so that way I had more of an idea of what to expect and realise that i shouldnt get carried away with my first time. This site is a great resource for information and i found it helpful. Read as much of it as you can before doing them.

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