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First time on shrooms

The night started at 1 am (I think).

The night started at 1 am (I think). I ate an eighth of an ounce of mushrooms and followed them with 3000 mg of vitamin c. While sitting on a park bench the shrooms kicked in. All of a sudden, the bench looked totally 2 dimensional. Me and my friends went and laid down on the grass of the playground we were at. The clouds looked like they were about 3 feet away from my face. The stars were moving around A LOT. Also every now and then a red or blue star would quickly blink. Plus, the clouds would open up and close. We got up, and one of my friends suggested we spin around really fast. This was cool. I suggested that we swing on the swings. This proved to be too hard, so we jumped off. Around the swings there were tons of tiny rocks (similar to bark). There were footprints completely covering the patch and for a second they looked like faces. Due to the shadows, the rocks in the footprints looked darker than the rest. I decided to pick some up to see if they really were darker than the others, and they were. We then left and walked around for a while. Eventually we ended up laying face up in an empty lot. I saw my friends eye move all the way around. Vertically. Similar star hallucinations. We found some cars in the same empty lot so all 3 of us climbed inside a Chevy love. My friend was sitting in the middle of the car, upright, with one foot on the ceiling and one on the passengers side door. We havn't been able to figure out how this worked. I then reminded the group that we still had pixie dust, so we ate it. This really pushed me over the edge. Me and my friends switched bodies, later I seperated myself from the group. My ego totally dissolved, and I thought I could switch bodies with people in other states.I was smoking a ciggerette, and every time the smoke hit me I thought I could feel it being absorbed into my skin. We went back to my friends house. The house was (and still is) so messy it grossed me out. I went to take a piss but ended up talking to myself in a mirror for an hour. My friends cat had patches of fur moving in and out. I went downstairs to try to fall asleep. One of my friends looked like he had four eyes. I kept seeming the little girl from the ring reflected in a lightbulbe. Keep in mind that light bulbs don't reflect light! I then went to sleep.

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