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first time at level 4

I've been wanting to take a trip for a while.

I've been wanting to take a trip for a while.i was hearing about all these thins about shrooms. I've only taken like three at the most at one time but i really wanted to know wht it was really like to see everything as it really is.

I had money on me and was lookin for them really bad and found them on a wednsday night. i thought ill eat them tommarow, b/c im off work thrsday and friday. Thursday had cameand it was about noon so i was trying to prepare, get in a good mood and be happy for once. 2 of my friends came over and i let them smoke 2 j's before they went to work. they kept saying "eat them man cmon lil bitch" it was pissin me off and i couldnt do it yet.but when one o'clock rolled around i ate half an 1/8 ( mostly caps, couple stems).

After i injested them i was fully prepared and was aware thats theres no way to reverse the effect, i was ready. about 20 minutes went by and it was bearly there, a little disappointed. All the sudden it started coming in at a descent speed and steadilly. i was upstairs in my room and i was about half way there and i started to panic a little, the air was too still and hot so i went downstairs were it was cooler and comfortable. i was letting it go and every time i tried i felt like i was going to throw up alot, so i just stayed calm. It was about 95% there and tried to let it go againand i didnt have to throw up. after about ten mins. I was looking around and was amazed at all the colors.my curtainlooks like a homemade quilt with a bunch of patches but dark and thinner, i was seeing landscapes and soooooo many amazing colors. Then i looked at the tv and it looked like there was a bright orange and green and red neon lavalamp in the background. i could sware it was real.

i was looking at the christmas tree and it was amazing with all the lights and objects swirlinginto themselves. It was at its peak now and everything multiplied by 2, a wonderful feeling. i called my friend and told him i was trippin' i got all excited and i was saying "the colors man, the colors oh my god man the colors." he was high as shit and was like aah man thats cool. whatever man.

My other friend called and stayed on the phone for like an hour or so. i needed someone to talk to or someone to be with me so i could feel comfortable and have good trip. while staring at everything i found myself in awe with my mouth halfway open with the biggest smile on my face, i felt so good. i as getting bored and hung up, i wanted to be alone and experience the trip, to know how to use it for the future. I had to use all my energy to go upstairs, Iwas weak as shit but loved the sights, I've never seen anything like that before.

I was chillin in my bed trippin' really good with my dog laid down next to me. i needed sound to break the silence so i was playin an In Flames song that i trip off when im high as shit. i was petting my dog slowly and it felt tight as shit and her hair was changing colrs and shapeshifting, then I closed my eyes. I sawmyself wrapping my arms around her and curled up ut my arms kept going around her like 3or 4 times and i saw love. I cant what it looked like but i saw love then i merged with her soon after. itslike we were one b/c Itruely love her and care for her. We wrapped around a swirled inside each other.

I was curiouys what else i could do so I thought of myself an dhow my mind is. If you can imagine a whispy ghostly, spiritual type object floating around. Then imagine that spirtit in an empty space bending around what looked like metal rolling pins and golfball size liquid metal spheres, like i was rubber. I put the metal pins away and saw my self alone in that space bending roundly and swirling into myself. i can best describe this as looking at cigarette smoke when it first leaves the cigarette.

I started thinking about human emotions and how complicated feelings can be. Isaw myself putting my hands on the side of my head, taking my brain and fucking it. (dont ask).

I was losing touch with reality as if it wasnt there (true shroomers know what i mean) it was mild but there. I also started to lose my sense of time to. Itwas mild to. I was like damn its only been 4 minutes, it felt like ten. i was listening to the music to. I turned on a song by darkest hour, a long ass song with some tight ass guitar that looked like lightning when i focused on it. I wanted it to last forever, I actually thought it really was. Then i was trippin' off akillswitch engage song with another loud sharp guitar noise that was nice to listen too. I t felt like i knew it was going to last forver but it didn't.

I was curious how my eyes looked so i went in the bathroom to check out my dime sized pupils, and started laughing again. Then i Just fell asleep in my bed.

This was the greatest feeling ever. Ilook forword to trip again with a liitle more dosage next time. I want to see the universe and creation next time. i want to see eternity. This trip was a high level 3, slipping into level 4. thanks for letting me share, more to come

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