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first time and it was a blast

i have been reading the post on here as i have been getting ready to take them again (now it will be my 4th time).

i have been reading the post on here as i have been getting ready to take them again (now it will be my 4th time). this is about the first time i took them. i worked at a pizza place which good place to find people who can get shrooms

anyhow we met a kid who was giving them to me. we got a quarter each so we could each do it twice. so me and my friend john went back to my girlfriends apartment. it was a two story apartment.
we were told if you bite and suck on the shrooms they work better or something but any how we also drank coke with it to tone down the taste even though i like the taste now.

so we ate and ate them and we got in the car her driving and went to the gas station to get something. i wasnt going in and neither was he. well on the way there there was about a hundred or so cops outside.

if you have ever seen cops lights on shrooms it looks like there was a hundred from just about five cars. anyhow we finally made it. at this point the light were all glowing. i just leaned my head out of the car it was so cool feeling.

she went in and then we started heading back to the apartment. once we got back we wanted to go outside and walk. her aperment had this little grassy spot with three trees. well by the time we got there it seemed like an entire forest. anyhow i thought the cops were coming back so we all went inside for the night cuz i was freaking out. the grassy was about a hundred feet from the aparment door. i got lost about three or four times.
they had to keep coming back and getting me.

anyhow gotinside and we started exploring and it was awesome! that house was cooler than ever. so many neat things to look at.

then we decide to watch tv but my girl went upstairs and was on the comp. we couldnt figure out how to make it work and just kept pushing buttons.

all we had to do was push the power key. so hard!

anyhow my friend started yelling "the tv needs to be watched"

after a while she came down and turned it on and put in team america world police.
well in the begging of the movie i wason the couch but then it got to the parts where they aredoing sex positions and it all went weird. all i clould think about was that the couch was a large vagina and it was swallowing me. very scary. think about it.

so i got on the floor and sorta passed out. while i was out i dont really remeber very much except for the fact that i realized i had never been in the real world and just a dream but now that i was in the dream world i was in the real world.

anyhow i eventually came out of it and we just continued exploring the house it was fun. we started out at about 5 and i finally was able to go to sleep at about 3 or so. anyhow i would definetly say it was the best trip i have ever had.

one word of thought dont expect to much from your trip or it wont happen expect nothing and youll get it all. expect it all and youl get nothing.
please post comments. it will make me feel special!!!

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