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First Time And Alone

I decided to try shrooms for my first time.

I decided to try shrooms for my first time. I did a lot of research before hand and the most common thing I found that you should not do is shroom alone. I got an 1/8th of shrooms and was going to eat half of them with a friend. I got impatient and ate the half by myself. I am 5'11" and only 120 pounds. So after an hour with no effects I thought I might have got some impotent shrooms. But I had read to be patient. After 1 1/2 hours from ingestion I finally started to feel some effects. At first it was a feeling of anticipation. I got anxious and started pacing. I was in my house on the computer listening to music. I got really into the music and had a strong urge to go outside. But before I went out I remembered hearing that Orange Juice would intensify the trip. So I made some orange juice and had about 4 glasses. The OJ seemed dry. It slid down my throat like nothing. When I went out it was around 10:30 and the street lights looked pretty cool. They glowed in an awesome way. I jumped on my trampoline and then laid down and stared at the stars. When I got up I felt energetic and drunk. I went inside again and listened to some music. I was dancing around like a drunk fool having the time of my life. I laid down and stared at the walls which started curving at swirling around. I even started talking to the wall which had taken on a female voice. I again went outside, stumbling this time walking into things. I walked past a bush which appeared to be a huge Cannabis plant. I walked around my house about 5 times just observing things feeling very adventurous. I saw a little stream in my back yard and it appeared to be a rushing river. I sat down in a chair outside at which point I heard my phone beep. It was my voice mail. I tried listening to my voice mail which was when I started tripping hard and started to lose touch with reality. My voice-mail said the number of the person who had called but would not play the message it just kept saying random #'s over and over. I couldn't figure out what was happening. The next thing I knew I was rolling around in the ground trying to listen to my messages. With the same result. I tried reading the time on my phone but the time was constantly changing. After struggling and getting scared I gathered enough sense to realize I needed to get inside and lay down before I hurt myself or was discovered tripping out. I went inside and laid down. I was still freaking out thinking that my brain was fried and this trip would never end. I was sweating real bad and kept tossing around in my bed trying to fall asleep. I tried to read the time again to see how long I had been tripping and how much longer it would be before it stopped. My trip got worse when my mom came home. I locked myself in my room so she wouldn't know I was tripping. I needed to go piss but knew if I left my room and was seen I would be busted. I ended up pissing in my garbage can. I would lose touch with reality and later regain it. I tried watching television and freaked out even more. I kept seeing things over and over again. I would see a commercial and then see it again and again. I thought I would be stick in this trip forever. I even tried looking for a pocket knife to slit my wrists to end this horrible experience. After failure of locating my knife I realized what I was doing and again laid in my bed and told myself it would all eventually end. I tried to use my phone to call somebody because I was so scared but I didn't have enough control of myself to accomplish this. I remember calling the operator and they said if it was an emergency to hang up and dial 911. This scared me and I am on probation and didn't want to get in any more trouble so I took my battery out of my phone and put my phone under my bed to keep myself from doing something I would later regret. I tried drawing to keep my mind distracted from fear. From the time that I could finally read my clock it was around 12:30. Every minute seemed like an hour and I would repeatedly lose control. Around 2:15 I finally calmed down. The effects started to wear off. I turned on my Air Conditioner and laid awake in my bed for around 30 minutes but time still seemed to crawl. The next day I awoke feeling depressed and ashamed of letting this happen. I swore I would never take shrooms again. By the time night rolled around I ate the other half of the 1/8th I had. I later realized that you build a tolerance to shrooms that will wear off after about 5 days. This time I just had the effects of feeling rather intoxicated. Even with this bad trip I will do it again soon. However I will be more intelligent about how I do it.

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