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first time 2 shroom

It was Spring break, and it was around the season shrooms grow.

It was Spring break, and it was around the season shrooms grow. I heared my friends talking about it and talking about how they were going to sneak out at night and look for them....but I never ate them...didn't care much. One day though Billy, Rebecca and I decided to cruise around. We stopped by some pastures just to go ahead and look around. We were steppin through alot of cow poo picking any and every shroom. We ere in the car and Billy started sorting them out, abput 75% of them weren't shrooms. Well from that point I ate 4, Billy 8, Rebecca 3. I thought they would have no effect on me, I was WRONG. About 10 min. later my head felt extremly heavy, like heavy goo. Billy and Rebecca were already gone. Billy started driving to my house when they were kicking in on him. but 5 min. later I could feel every organ in my body functioning. It felt like I could sense anything happening in my body. I started to look at the road, it started to wave...and get bigger...and go to the side and SWURVE, like a roller coaster ride. Finally I was at my drive way. I ran out the car,TRIPPIN'. My friends were waiting outside for me when I came back. I couldn't talk, I kept saying like the beginning of the words and forgetting the rest and kept going like that. I tried to walk in my front yard, buverything went retarded. The grass was no longer just regular patterns connecting together, they were like dark purple and gree GOO. The trees stretched and twisted and looked like the rest of them. I was looking at Billy, but I couldn't reconize him anymore he became that guy of BATMAN the PENGUIN. Rebecca looked just like a rat. I could feeel reality melting away. I looked at my other friends, I couldn't tell who was who no more. I started looking around...and almost everything was un-reconizable. Billy took me and Rebecca and put us back in the car. He was trying to find somewhere to go. We ended up at a cemetery. I was un-attached from the world at this moment. I was laying on a grave with Billy and Rebecca, and I was GONE. I was on a big fluffy carpet, with angels around me looking at me like they were sad...depressed...gothic as hell. I didn't know at the moment actually where I was, I thought what I was seeing wasn't really there....Well anyways in that cemetery things stopped growing, breathing, connecting, spinning, and changing...I stopped trippin so hard and I stood up and looked around. I realized I was laying on someones grave pfectly over the body. My head to the head stone, feet to the other stone. The angels...were just statues...motionless...After our trip, I noticed something Odd. I felt like I never touched a drug in my life, I felt like my mind was clean and never a brain cell killed...I was so extremly sober. Well that's my trip in short. Don't under estimate the power of them lil things.

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