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First Time

Me and my friend had been wanting to try mushrooms for a long time.

Me and my friend had been wanting to try mushrooms for a long time. We had a trip planned to go down to florida and before we left one of our friends had some mushrooms and offered to sell us some. So we decided that we would give them a try.
When we got to florida we each ate about 4 or 5 grams of them. About 30 minutes passed and i still wasnt feeling anything. Then a few minutes later everything started to look like it was shaking a little bit. After that the trip just kept on getting more and more intense. I layed down in my bed which was right beside a mirror and i was looking into it and my whole body just started sinking into my bed. I was a little freaked out at first but i just had to keep saying saying to myself that this wasnt really happening. My trip was starting to get pretty damn intense for me and my friend. I decided to go sit in the bathroom by myself for a little bit to just gather myself. When i looked into the mirror in the bathroom my face melted completly off. Im a type of person who has a pretty strong mind so i could control myself pretty good and realize that none of this was really happening. But i was having a great time just letting my mind wonder. I laid in my bed for probly about an hour just thinking. When i closed my eyes i could visualize anything i wanted to and it seemed as if it was really there. After the intensity started waring off i went outside and looked at the scenery. Everthing was so enhanced and buetiful looking. After my trip wared off about 6 hours later i went to bed.
Tripping for me was an amazing experience and i can not wait till the next time i do it. I would suggest mushrooms to pretty much anybody. They are a great time.

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