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First Time

I live and have grown up ina very small town, well for years me and my friend josh have smoked ganj, drank and popped pills.

I live and have grown up ina very small town, well for years me and my friend josh have smoked ganj, drank and popped pills. We had searched forever for the magic mushrooms and could never get our hands on them. But one day we were fortunate enough to both get about 4 grams of some very potent shrooms. Well we ate them ate his house around 7:00 knowing we'd wanna see the sun set and all that, we'll we walked around mead for about 45 min and i as beginning to think we got ripped. But i suddenly started to feel very deeply about everything i saw. The trees, grass, parks, benches everything. Well i happened to look over at the old churchyard where when we were younger all the kids would get together and play football. It was such an intense feeling i knew i hadta go there. We sat in the middle of the flush green pasture stareing at the clouds slowing breathing in and out.

Suddenly i heard my friend heather yelling at me form across the street telling me i looked like a fucking hippie, i was so excited to see heather, i had completely forgotten she existed even though i had seen her earlier that day. Now theres something u should know here, there has always been this one tree i was fond of ever since the days i was very young, 6-7 years old. I had singlehandedly watched this tree grow for 10 years and when i saw how big it was when i was tripping it almost made me break into tears. I felt so connected to the tree like it was as much apart of me as my own mind. I began rambling on about how this is my tree and i have been quoted as saying, " Josh dude, you don't even know my tree." whcih at the time made complete sense.

Well it was beginning to get dark and josh figured he better check into his house, so we walked over to his house and as he was talking to his rents i laid on the trampoline smoking a blunt, i was laying on my stomach with the blunt out in front of me and as i stared at it, it became a small campfire hundreds of miles away and i felt like i was floating high in the air above a rain forest with beatiful trees and animals looking down on this little campfire just burning away.

I heard josh yell to his dad he'd be back around 3 in the morn and me and him took back off for the church yard, i was beginning to peak when i laid on my back on the merry go round. My head resting against the post in the center as it slowly turned around in circles. As i stared at the top of the post which kinda came to a head like a mushroom it became a giant hole in the night sky. And as we turned slowly i could see orange and pruple streaks outreach form the center of the whole and bend in the motion of the merry go round. I began talking to myself saying as long as i live i am never kicking the habit of mushrooms. Johs kept trying to put in his two cents about shrooms but i continued to interupt him.

I love posting tripp reports on here but it seems no matter how hard i try i cna never get the full essence of what i felt. Even without bark melting off of trees, and roads bending in crazy notions, and my pile of dirty clothes slowing moving torwards me, in other words even without all the crazy visuals, i would still love shrooms for the deep spiritual sensation i get everytime i look at one of my best friends and think about how i have spent my whole life with this person ad all the amazing stories we have ahead of us.

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