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First Time

Ok so Ive always wanted to trip on shrooms but never really got the chance.

Ok so Ive always wanted to trip on shrooms but never really got the chance.
But one night I was at work talking to my friend victoria cause I knew that her and her B/F trip on mush all the time so I asked her if she knew where to get me some cause that was always the proplem every time I had the cash and I phoned up my dealers they never had any, so when I asked Victoria if she knew where I could get some she was like "Oh Ive got some on me right now I'll sell it to you if you want it" I was the overjoyed she sold me about 7-8 stems for 15 $.

So I got off of work and by this time it was like 1am, so I biked about 10 blocks to meet up with my buddies who where all drinking in a park. When I got there I whipped out the baggie with the stems in it and my one buddy was really pissed that I got ahold of some cause he could not lol. So I turned on a flashlight I had with me and looked at them first and I thought how the fuck do I eat these?

So I asked my buddies none of them knew but them my buddies G/F Lindsey spoke up and she was like Ive done them before you have to chew on them for awhile and them swallow them, So ate them allI they tasted horrible :P

So ten mins go by and nothing I knew that I had to wait at least 30 mins to get any effect and an hour for peak, but I had eaten nothing ALL DAY so I figured they would kick in faster they dint. So I decided to help them along and took a big swig of Barcardi 151 rum (70%) it was good but 3 seconds later I thought I was going to throw up so I sat down on the ground for about 15 mins and just chilled.

Time went bye And I really was starting to feel them everytime I looked over at the wolf statue In the middle of the park I swore to God it was looking at me and growling and bite the air it was freaking me out bad so I got up and started
to talk with my friends who where all smashed by this time, so I just hung around and talked with my friends I could barly stand I kept on falling over and getting dizzy, so I decided to grab some munchies and and sit on the top of a hill and as I sat there I ate the chips in slow motion no matter what I did I could not eat the chips any faster everything was slowed down to a crawl it was pimped.

And at this point my friend TJ who was the only person that was not drunk cause he dosent drink came and sat with me, I dont rember what we talked about but It was cut short by my friend Rob yelling to us to stash the booze in a bush and get the shit out of the area cause he had over heard some lady phone the cops on us. Who walks there dog at 2am ???

But being in the state I was I freaked out and started biking home and the entire time going home I was biking in slow motion it was so weird and cool.
This taught me two things about what not to do while triping on the mush.

Never be alone and dont try to fall asleep BAD TIME, I sat in my bed for what seemed like hours freaking out, I would sit there and be like oh man I should go eat some food Id get up and be like its to far, and this continued until I started hearing wheird noises like somebody banging on my door it scared the shit out of me. And I promised that I would never do the stuff again, next morning I work up 9am it felt like I had slept for 7 days I was wide awake and well rested. And now here Iam trying to learn how to grow the stuff cause I want them now more than ever :>

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