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First Shroom Trip

The Summer before ninth grade my friends always had shrooms.

The Summer before ninth grade my friends always had shrooms. I had to try them I always wanted to. We cooked up an unbelieveable amount at marshmallow Coreys house. I was unknowing and thought I was the shit so I drank like eight glasses of shroom drink. We left like twenty minuits later for my house a few blocks away when I was staring at the concrete below my feet and indentions were looking way too deep.

In my room we was blowing a sweet when I asked Jb what exactly shrooms did and he apperaed as some type of Indian guide wolf being. My mom came in my room and reminded me about mowing the yard.

Damn, she was cool with weed but didn't like the idea of me trippin. My homeboy Cortland said he would stay and weedeat so the rest of them left and I went off to conquer the back yard that I had cut so many times before.

Somewhere around the second line I fell over, stumbled over to Cortland and asked exactly how many hours we had been here and he said five minuits. I managed to get myself into a trance with the Briggs+Stratton engine and the sunset lowering I was hearing seaguls and seeing shadows of dragons and stuff on the sky. I fell again and thought my life would continue like this forever and was happy and scared and many other emotions at the same time I had never expierienced at one time.

Deep into the domestic jungle I got sped up somehow in my mind and seen myself finising the yard, going inside, showering, sleeping, dreaming, waking up, and finding myself at school the next day walking down the hall wearing my backpack. I spoke to a person and slowly swiriled back into the sound of the mower and was stuned but finished my job and went inside dirty as hell.

My mom just thought I was real high but that was the deepest encounter I ever contacted yet espesically when the following days were constantlly filled with deja vu type expieriences and memories like when I almost fell down in the hall not knowing if I was operating a dangerous machine.

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