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First real trip by the river


Hi. This is my first time posting. My name is S, I am female, 19, from Ontario. My first trip was with 1g. It was just like being high. This time I took almost 3.5g. This is how my trip went...

We started our journey towards Andrew Haydon park, and on the way, K ate his last G of them. He ate them with no other food. Mind over matter, I suppose. I wish my mind would get some damn muscle. So, we kept walking and then all of a sudden we found ourselves in a dark tunnel. This is when it all started. It wasn't actually a tunnel because the darkness was created by trees, but it could have been because I don't actually know the definition of the word. To make this easier, let's just call it a tunnel. It was dark, but we had our flashlights so the darkness wasn't bothering us. But when we turned them off, everything was different. The trees were swaying beside us and the light up ahead at the end of the tunnel looked like a clown's face. K didn't see the clown. That tunnel was amazing. The trees on either side of us were just so immaculate and beautiful. We continued to walk through this "tunnel" and then 3/4 of the way through it we turned off our flashlights and looked behind us. It was so dark. The trees seemed to have disappeared and the only thing I could see was black. It was as if I had my eyes closed. I turned and walked forward again just staring at the opening up ahead. Although the darkness behind us was scary, it excited me at the same time. I stared at the opening of the tunnel which seemed to be moving further away now, and was mesmerized. I was calm and slowly slipping away from reality. Then a car drove by the opening and I was violently shoved back down. I hated having my thoughts interrupted so we hurried along to the park.

We got to the park and started walking along the paths. The trees. The trees were the most amazing to look at. I think I started slipping away slightly before K did so he didn't find the trees as fascinating. I remember stopping and just staring at 5 of these enormous trees and the patterns they made with the branches. It was amazing. I'm sorry I can't think of a better word, because amazing really doesn't do those trees any justice. So we continued along the path, after I was finished with the trees and we crossed a bridge. We stopped on the middle of it and stared down at the water below us for a while and then turned around. We were still on the bridge but on the other side of it we noticed an island. It wasn't really an island, but more of a piece of land with a moat. I think that is the correct word. We had to get on this island. We both knew instantly that this was the perfect spot. So, we walked around it a bit and, sure enough, there was a small bridge that brought us on to it. We we were surrounded by water. It really was perfect in every way. We walked to the tip of the island and as if it wasn't good enough already, there was a bench there. Not just any bench, but the most beautiful and comfortable bench in the word. It was probably 3 feet off the ground, so when you sat on it your feet would not touch the ground and you would be staring at the water that was directly in front of you. I was just so, so perfect. We were in love with this spot. There was also about 10 feet from the bench to the water, so we had enough room to lie down.

So we both sat on the bench, swinging our feet below and stared ahead at the beauty before us. In front us there was water probably 200x400ft wide. The size of a small lake. Then on the other side of the water there were groups of trees lined up on a long, skinny piece of land, and beyond that land was the river. It was beautiful. I stared at the trees and their relflections in the water. After staring at the trees for a while, they seemed to merge together with their reflections, creating a huge blob of black. We then decided to turn on the music. It just kept getting better. Song #1 - Paranoid Android, Song #2 Nirvana - The man who sold the world. Sitting there listening to the music and staring ahead was so breathtaking. It was beyond real. I started looking up at the stars and was taken away by the sky. The beauty actually startled me. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I decided I had to lay down and gaze at it some more. So, we pulled out 2 towels and laid down on the grass, staring at the sky, listening to music and drifting away. I was wearing a huuuge hoodie sweatshirt so I was beyond comfortable lying there. We both just watched the sky. It's hard to remember everything that happened last night. I remember sitting up, on the ground, and wondering if my feet were in the water. It turns out they never were, but they were so close to it (about half a foot) that I couldn't tell. When I stared at the trees across the water, everything suddenly became pixelated. It was like looking at the world through a television screen and being 1 foot away from it. I couldn't pull my eyes away. The longer I stared ahead of me, the faster things would merge together. Suddenly, I could not see the line that seperated the water from the grass. The water seemed to have disappeared and before me, I saw grass instead of liquid. The whole lake had turned into a field of green. I knew the water was still there and I was hallucinating, though. It's not as though I truly believed the water had turned into grass and could now walk on it. I knew it was still there, I just couldn't see it.

I then layed back down. The sky... wow. Wow. It was.. it was almost too much for me to handle. So amazingly beautiful. It was partly cloudy (hardly) and there were tons of stars above us. I was lying on the ground but could not actually feel myself lying there. I felt like I was in the sky, partly because it seemed like if I reached my hand up to touch a star, I would touch it. The sky seemed to have lowered. The world suddenly seemed so small, and completely at my reach. I reached up to touch a star, but did not. I stared at my hand that seemed to be floating above my head. I was wearing a dark sweatshirt so it kind of blended in with the sky, leaving my extremely white hand all by itself. I moved my hand back and forth and .. I don't know how to describe this.. it's like my hand was a light. So when I moved it from left to right, it would be a line of hands above my head and the left side would slowly fade away leaving only one hand showing - the one on the right. I then sat up and stared at my hands. I crossed my legs and rested my arms on my knees, just staring at both hands. They didn't move. I tried to move them, but they wouldn't. I focused on my left hand. I don't know how long I was watching it, but it slowly started turning into cement. My hand was no longer the soft, peach-coloured figure that it once was. It was now a cracked, gray stone in the shape of a hand. I think I remember K asking me why I was staring at my hands, but I could not acknowledge or respond. When I finally did look up, the water in front of me made me dizzy. I then looked down at my legs and laughed. They were no longer crossed, but lying straight in front of me, sideways. I was sitting straight, but both feet were pointed to the left at a 90 degree angle. I couldn't move those either. This scared me. I started putting my hand over my leg, but could not feel anything. I mean, I felt my leg with my hand, but my leg didn't know it was being touched. Then K slapped my leg and I still didn't feel it. I slapped my legs and laughed. I figured they had gone numb. I looked like a broken doll, sitting there with my legs going in the wrong direction.

I then looked at K. He was sitting right beside me, but since we had left I had never looked at his face. The second I saw his face, I could not breathe. I laughed, hard, for what seemed like 10 minutes but was probably only 2. His face was completely black (he's not black, though) and he had big black teeth. He looked like a rabbit but without the ears. I was afraid I would never stop laughing. I didn't look at him for a while after that.

Then I stood up and started looking around at everything near the island. Everything I looked at was so beautiful. Then I looked at K, who seemed to be being eaten by a tree. I was afraid at first, but remembered that trees didn't have teeth. I stared at the tree and K had completely disappeared into it. He was nowhere. He was in the giant pine tree. I stared at the tree and did not move. Finally I saw a leg come out of the tree, followed by the rest of his body. I was so confused. He told me he leaned back into the tree and didn't feel anything because of his big sweatshirt. He told me I should try it. So I did. I leaned back against the tree and slowly fell into the branches and darkness. I was in the tree. He asked me to come out. I didn't want to. Coming back out was not as fun as falling into it.

And then the song 'Wish you were here' by Pink Floyd started playing, followed by 'Darkside of the Moon'. Again, wow. Staring at the sky while listening to those songs took me away. I closed my eyes and started seeing swirling patterns of green. I then opened them and was again, at the mercy of the sky. I watched the sky breathe. It seemed to be expanding and then contracting. Breath taking. I was once again fading away into complete happiness. I was seeing the world for the first time while listening to Pink Floyd. Suddenly K said he thought he heard people. We immediately stood up and looked at the bridge that led onto our island from where we were standing. We both didn't know what we saw. We saw blobs, but didn't know if they were people or not. We walked closer to the bridge and stood behind a bush. We were probably only 10ft away from these blobs now, but still didn't know if they were people or not. What else, though? We could have been hallucinating but why would we both see two people? If those were, in fact, people last night, they must have been an old couple out for a nature walk. If those were people.. they must have wondered why two kids were just standing completely still staring at them without saying a word. Then suddenly, they vanished. They must of walked away, but neither one of us saw them leave - even though we never took our eyes off of them.

After those blobs faded away we went back to our spot and sat down again. I remember badly needing to blow my nose, so I got up and went in search for a leaf. K was still lying down. I stood in the middle of the island, by myself and just let myself go backwards. I fell down and it felt like I was falling a thousand feet. I could feel my pants getting wet from the dew on the grass, but that didn't matter and I soon forgot about it. The stars did smile at me, as I knew they would. I stared at the moat around our island and listened to the water quietly trickling through the rocks and saw "swirling squigly's" of blue along the water. It was beautiful. I moved closer to the edge of the island and sat down by myself again. I thought about everything. My life, my presence, the world, crest white night, school and my friends and decided that everything was going to be okay. I was so happy. I was in a state of complete euphoria. I smiled, and, once again decided to enjoy the world and everything it had to give or take away from me.

I got up, after what seemed like hours and slowly (and I do mean slowly) walked towards the tip of the island where K would be lying. I stopped halfway there because I did not see him. I did not see him or our towels or our bags that were lying on the grass. All I saw was the bench sitting in the water. I thought at first the tide had come up so K was under the water. I didn't know what to do or think so I just stood there. I'm not sure how long I stood there, but eventually I walked forward and slowly objects started appearing before my eyes. K appeared along with all of our belongings. I was, to say the least, very relieved. I sat down again and played with the flashlight. I sat 1/4 of a foot away from the water and shined the light on the water while listening to Brian Eno - 'Inland sea'. Very "trippy". There was mostly moss covering the water, but there was one clear spot where a fish stood still. It floated in the water, but did not move. It was not dead, because if it was - it would be floating at the top of the water on it's back. We both just watched in amazement at this fish. Do fish sleep? They must, and that is what we figured it was doing. Fred was completely motionless. We named him Fred for no particular reason. Then, suddenly, he started gliding away. It was so neat watching the fish swim so slowly and with such grace. Fish really are amazing.. and fascinating.

I remember talking about how I didn't want to go back to being normal. We had both turned off our cell phones so the normal people couldn't bother us. We didn't want to talk to or see anybody else because they were below us. They were in the real world, on earth, while we were floating up high in a place beyond happiness.

We were still sitting there when all the sudden bright white lights darted across the lake and then across the trees. I panicked, and hoped that K had seen them to. He had. We got up, and sure enough a care had just pulled in to the parking lot about 200ft behind the island. We walked over to the bridge K crossed it. I stood still on the island, not crossing the bridge. I watched K slowly fade into the darkness. I could not see very far across the bridge and suddenly he was gone. I got really scared. Crazy thoughts started entering my mind. I thought about running, screaming, lying down, swimming and crying. I thought he was gone forever. I stared at the bridge that he had crossed and it started to fall down. It had turned into quick sand and was falling into the water. My body froze from shock. I managed to say his name but very quietly. That had been ineffective, as I had meant to yell it. Suddenly I heard him say my name. I looked up into the darkness but did not see him. I looked back down at the bridge and it had reconstructed itself. Then, slowly, K started to appear. I told him how afraid I had been because I didn't see him. I don't remember his reaction or response to that, though.

We stood on the bridge and stared at the parking lot. We saw people get out and they literally floated away. It was like they were on a conveyor belt because they just moved forward and nothing on their body moved, and they were moving extremely fast. It was like moowalking except their arms didn't move.. their bodies just slid into the trees. We got off the bridge (on the other side of the island) and went to sit on the picnic table. We stared at the parking lot, yet again, and failed to see any movement. We started to get up and then we noticed a big man walking by himself. He was big as in tall and muscular, not fat. We both froze beside each other and watched him walk towards us. I was terrified. Terrified. Suddenly we remembered that not everyone was as happy as us and they might have different, more harmful agenda's than ours. We still didn't know what to do so we continued to be statues. The big man stopped. We watched. He was now about 50ft away from us, standing on the same path and there was no way he didn't see us. He turned around and faded into the darkness. We were skeptical about his disappearance. We decided we wanted our flashlights so we would have to turn around and go back to the island to get them. I walked forward and K wallked backwards (with me guiding him) so he could see if someone was coming. We got the flashlights, shined them in the direction of the man and saw nothing. It was at this time we decided it would be best to just start walking, as we were too paranoid to lay down and stare at the stars anymore. We realized that what we were doing (being in a park at night, alone) was pretty unsafe. We had forgotten that everyone else's intentions were not as harmless as ours.

So, we packed up and started walking. I had brought Jelly Tots so they were a delightful snack on our walk. We walked through the park and then up and down Carling Avenue. We probably walked for about 2 hours (We tripped for 4 hours, then walked for 2 [8:00pm-2:30am]). I caught a cab home from Bayshore and enjoyed the ride. It was fun moving so quickly, because everything else that night had been in slow motion. I got home, laid down on my bed and thought about everything again. I thought about how wonderful my life really was and fell asleep with peaceful visions in my head.

Although that park might have been dangerous, I would go again in a second because the experience there was beyond amazing. Maybe next time I would bring a knife, just in case.

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