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First Bad Trip

Me and 2 friends all made tea.

Me and 2 friends all made tea. We each had 4 or 5 grams. I was a little hungover, and worried a little bit because of it. I became nervous and then the shrooms started kicking in. I felt that they were coming on fast, and I got more worried, and then started feeling dizzy. I puked, I saw my puked move and stuff, and I just wanted to make the hallucinations stop, because they made me too dizzy, but I couldn't escape them. I told my friends I had to go outside.

We all walked and they stopped at a bus stop, but I continued walking into a field. The grass turned into worms. I felt so sick and in so much pain. I went into the middle of the field and layed down. In the sky there was a bunch of glowing orange gas. I was terrified because I had another 4 hours or so of this, and I was aware time slowed down alot on mushrooms. I eventually got up and started walking back home. I felt sick as hell. I wanted to kill myself, but thought that maybe if I died, I'd be in the state that I was in when I died, forever.

I passed by my friends at the bus stop, and they told me to come with them, but I ignored them and continued walking. I almost got lost because I couldn't find the street that I live on, it seemed to have disapeared, until I was right next to it, then I found it.

When I got home it was pitch black, and I saw shit I can't quite describe. I was hearing music. All of a sudden I felt happy. I looked at my clock, and I couldn't read what time it was, time had become meaningless. I talked to my little brother, and his face turned into a zombie's. I called my friends and told them to come to my place. I was happy as hell, running around.

My friends got to my place, and eventually I started feeling sick again. I couldn't sit down because it made me feel worse. I walked in circles for about an hour. I was walking through spilled orange juice the whole time. Everything around me was alive, breathing, waving. I kept on switching between feeling sick and hopeless, to fairly happy, to just being fucked out of my mind. I kept on thinking of suicide at times because I felt so horrible sometimes.

Eventually I stopped peaking and felt more comfortable. I could sit down. Me and my friends watched Star Wars, and it was damn trippy. 2 more friends came to my house drunk as hell, and told us they had been attacked by a group of 5 coyotes, but one of them took a huge 2 by 4 and broke one of it's legs.

I learned now that if I have any doubts about tripping, I shouldn't do it.

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