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First and last trip

My freind and I decided one beautiful Saturday that we would do shrooms.

My freind and I decided one beautiful Saturday that we would do shrooms. We had talked a little about it before, but we both kinda thought that we wouldn't actually do it. I had never smoked pot before, and this was going to be my first time doing drugs. We went to my empty house at like 10 in the morning with another one of our freinds who wasn't going to do them. It was kinda scary looking at them, and we were both a little hesitant. We both got a full bag(3.5g) and started to eat them piece by piece. We washed them down with a big glass of orange juice and were waiting the effects. We all decided to play the guitar and watch Alice in Wonderland. It got harder and harder to play the guitar, so i stopped. I went upstairs to put in a pizza, and this was about 40 min after eating them. My freind and I both felt really high, and started to get that 'weird' feeling in our bodies. He saw the first visuals, which was the walls breathing and curtains moving. The first thing I saw was when we went down stairs and continued to watch the movie. It was like it was in 3D and i couldn't take it anymore, and stopped it. I saw the walls breathing, and the blinds making waves like the ocean. I got a little paranoid because my parents were coming back home later that day, and didn't know when, and i didn't want to be at my house. We all went to get in the car, but we needed sunglasses because our eyes were so huge! My freind and I went back inside to get some glasses, and I had to do in the dark basement to get mine. I wanted him to come with me, I was scared. There is a cardboard cutout of Elvis in our basement, he smiled at me, and had red eyes. I looked in a picture frame we have, and saw my reflection, and a bat swooped down behind me, all I wanted was to get out of my house. We finally got in the car, and started driving. It was amazing, the colors were so bright and vibrant, like easter. The sky was purple and orange, and the grass was yellow. Actually, now that I think about it, everytime I looked at the sky, it was a different color. We were drving around listening to Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles. The music was so scary, like it was in my body. We drove by a house with horses, and as i looked at the horses, they were singing Strawberry Fields Forever. It was getting very weird. We stopped at a city park to get out and just chill. The water on the lake was so shiny, and amazing. The dock we were standing on was moving, and making waves like the water. I saw a pontoon boat going accross the lake, but there are no boats allowed on the lake, and nobody else saw it. The sky and ground were turning multiple colors and I was telling the sober kid that drugs weren't for me, and I had learned my lesson. The trip was only 1.5 hrs. over, I had about 5 to go. We started drving around the park, and my freind screamed that he needed to get out because he felt crampt. He was walking in a field of dandylions and said that he was turning into a rabbitt and he could feel the teeth growing in his mouth. I yelled for him to get in the car before someone called the cops. I was now in the front seat, and that made me happy because I wasn't so crampt anymore in the back. The CD player was morphing, and it seemed to melt into the dash. As we were driving it was like Speed Racer when the road goes on forever, and we were going over a hill and it seemed like we were in a video game driving. The road seeemed so wide, and the cars all seemed like they were fake. I was starting to calm down for the time being, but my freind was tripping hard. He saw little lawn ornaments of little kids start runinng along side the car. We were going to go get some ice cream and I was telling them how stupid it was for us to be in public. We ended up driving to our other freinds apartment and chiling there. His mom was gone, so we could do whatever. We shut off the lights because it was too bright. We just sat on the couch and soaked it all in. I remember telling them "holy shit, I am tripping so hard!" I went into the bathroom to try and throw up this drug, but after many tries and not even gaging, i came out and was like, there is nothing to do, the drug is in my body and im just gonna have to live with it. I sat in a huge lazy boy and crossed my legs. I kept hearing motorcycles and strange shit. When i uncrossed my legs they were backwards, my left leg was where my right one goes and so on. I was sweating so bad i thought that i had turned into a puddle of water. I was just telling my self how hard i was tripping,and how bad i wanted to be sober. It didn't make sense at all where we were, who i was, where i live, and what i did last night and what i;m going to do tonight. I went to the bathroom to take a shit. After that i stared at the toilet for like 25min. I was sad because it was a part of me, and i was thinking about why people put drugs in their body, becuase they aren't supposed to be there. I stayed in the bathroom for a long time looking in the mirror, and looking at a can of shaving cream. I can't even expalain how i was feeling. I went back into the living room and sat back down in the chair. I kept seeing shadows and hearing people walking around who weren't there. I ended up staring at a painting for probably and hour. It was a painting of a field of tulips with a pathway, and a house in the background. I saw all of the flowers swaying in the wind, and i went into the painting and was in the field. This is when I started tripping the hardest. After that out of body experience I was just thinking about everything, all at the same time. Tiem went so slow. I probably asked what time it was every 15 sec. I looked at my freind on the couch, and he saw Janice Joplin in the painting. He was loosing it, he thought he was dying. I kept telling him that it was the shrooms and he's not gonna die. I don't remember all of this, but it was definately and out of body experience. He turned into Keyshon Johnson and I was watching and episode of cribs, and he was in it. He was wearing a green basketball jersey, and then the couch turned into green and white stripes and swallowed him like a huge hand. I kept thinking about my family and girlfreind, and how sorry i was that i did this, i just wanted to be sober. I looked at the big window with shades, and it turned into a huge stage like at a giant theatre. He was telling me that i was a bannana and i was his angel to save him from being a complete fuck up. He actually said he died and saw a white light, and talked to god, and he told him to turn his life around, and this was his only chance to do that. I was really freaked out about all this shit. I only could see in black and white for awhile, and we were starting to come down. We both felt so guilty for tasting the forbidden fruit. I started to get a grip back on reality, because the whole time there was no sense of reality at all. I was finally a person again, and I felt so happy. We were very emotional, and started crying about nothing. We were talking how getting fucked up isn't a great way to live, and how being sober feels so good, to have a grip on the world. He felt so bad for egging me on doing shrooms, and how I hadn't done any drugs before, and how he should listen to me and make good shoices. I hadn't cried so hard in my life. I just wanted to go home and tell my family I was tripping and they would make it all better. I actually called my mom and was making no sense, something about how i was gone but my car was still there, and how that's weird. We thought it was o.k. but things were still moving, and we decided to sit for awhile. We were also sad because it was a waste of money, and we could have been at home istead of buying drugs. It was such a nice day, and we ruined it tripping in a dark apartment. We eventually felt good enough to go home, and when i got home and talked to my family, they had to have known something was up. I was sweaty, and my pupils were huge. They didn't say anything, and i told my brother to never trip becuase it is the forbidden fruit, and he didn't need to learn the hard way. My speech didn't match my mouth moving, like on t.v. sometimes. I took a shower and then felt better. I know i left alot out, but it is just too much. I hope everyone will think clearly before using a powerful drug like this, it isn't for everyone. If you really feel the need, start out small, and don't do a full bag like I did.

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