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First and 1/2 time doing mushrooms [BAD TRIP]

As for the title, the trip I'm reporting was technically my 2nd time doing mushrooms, but I ate them too slow the first time to trip indefinitely.

As for the title, the trip I'm reporting was technically my 2nd time doing mushrooms, but I ate them too slow the first time to trip indefinitely. I made the dumbest mistake my 2nd time because I ate an entire 8th to myself with no friends around, my dad downstairs, and my big brother in the living room. I figured it wouldn't be any different than my first time and I "knew" what was going to happen... I had no friggin idea what was to come.
I was supposed to save the shrooms so my bro and I could take them and I could shroom trip him for HIS first time. I was so anxious that I downed the whole bag 2 hours before my dad left for work. Once they kicked in I was watching Jamie Foxx's stand up and I realized that everything he said was funny, even if i didnt understand the joke! While I watched I started to sink into the couch, then it felt like my organs were sinking into my spine and out onto the couch. I got up and decided to blaze up a bit to enhance the experience. I looked at the couch from afar and it seemed to stretch on forever.
It was IN REALITY hailing and thundering that day, so i should have known god was trying to tell my something. As I looked outside I proceeded to hit my peice 3 times, I watching the hail hit the snow below. When I looked back in my room and IT WAS SNOWING IN MY ROOM! Funny thing is it was building up on top of my furniture. There was a white blur that overcasted the edges of everything I saw. My posters and door frame were pulsating and stretching in a fluid way. The guys from my Field Mob poster looked like they were rapping about something to me :P but I didn't hear what they were saying.
I went back to the living room and watched TV more with my bro and my dad came back home with pizzas. When I heard the garage door I panicked and got up. I started thinking up excuses to say about why I was standing in front of the TV in case my dad asked. He came through the door and didn't say a word except, "I got you guy's some pizza".
I didnt eat yet and just went back in my room. I had an M.C. Escher book full of his artwork [the guy who drew those crazy staircases, for those of you who don't know]. Every picture I looked at made me trip hard. I felt like my life sunk into the photo. I turned on some music and this was the last fun part of my trip.
After a few minutes (which felt like hours) any song I listened to creeped the hell out of me and was too trippy. I felt these contradictory thoughts and I didn't know what I felt like emotionally. Everytime I had a thought in my head, a new one would replace it before I could even percieve it. My peripheral vision dissapeared and turned into a tunnel. I didn't have tunnel-vision, but i would see a ripple of previous images before the one i was seeing just then. Like a strobe-light-effect from another dimension.
I went into my bathroom to see my eyes and they were bloodshot, dialated as hell, and the bags below my eyes were a bruise-purple color. I puked into the sink. I went up to my shroomilly-uneducated big bro and told him that I was freakin out and I want to just go to a doctor so he can get it out of my system (yeah, NOW i know they dont do that)! I was thinking of a way to leave without my dad knowing and I didn't have a car. i was pretty much grounded which made it worse. I realized it was impossible and I told my Dad I was booming, he got pissed, called my mom, called a doctor, my mom (former hippy) told me to just drink some milk and rest. My dad looked at the puke that I left in the sink and got even angrier. I then locked myself in the bathroom and had a hardcore come-down, full of purple and yellow colors and everything.
The rest is unimportant. So, like, I did mushrooms 2 more times after that whole experience anyways :D HAHAHAHAHa! Life is like a video game: Gaining experience comes at a cost.

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