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First "Trip" Into The Unknown!!!


Wow! thats all i can say. On the wonderful evening of 12/13/02 (Friday the 13th) I decided to take an adventure that would change my life!

My good dear mate had just moved, and needed a place to store his massive amount of shrooms. So i gladly let him use my freezer. He told me i could take some, or sell some or whatever for letting him use it. So late that night, around midnight, i was really bored. I have never done any drugs b/4, just lots of drinking and whatnot. So i figured, what the hell. So i got up, took 2 decent size shrooms, and retreited to my room. about 45 mins passed, and nothing really was going on. So i took 4 more biggys and came back, and turned some music on, and layed on my bed.

I was just staring at my tie-die curtains for a while, and they started to ruffle a lil. this intrigued me. so i kept staring at it for a good half hour. Then i looked up to my Beatles poster and Ringo's face was distorted! this frightened me a lil. then from there, i knew the fun was about to begin:)

i had my blacklights on, and my lava lamp, and the posters where beautiful! the colors were just awesome. i was listening to pink floyd's meddle album, and it sounded better then ever! it was a rather cold night, and i remember being curled up in a blanket, and feeling so warm and comfortable! and i just felt so relaxed!

My poster of Jim Morrison was amazing, i could of swore he was making faces at me! My lamp is a funny lamp! Every time i would look at it, i would laugh! my Hendrix poster had other faces in it, and snake like things moving around! On my Zeppelin Poster, it looked like the ZoSo sybols were waves, moving around. One of my pics of Paul McCartney was weeping, or crying, and all the others were just morphing and whatnot! I was in heaven!

A million things were going through my head, i was a thinker, and couldnt stop. I had a lil pad of paper that i would write on every hour or so, things that i wanted to remember, and i thought were important. (its rather funny stuff now that i read it)

So i went through 7 Floyd albums, and some Beatles. The whole experience lasted for more then 6 hours! It was truely amazing!

I must do it again, but one of the things I wrote was, "DO AGAIN! BUT NOT ALONE"

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