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Evergreen Wonderland


well..to start with it was the first time i had ever tripped.my girlfriend and her sisters got up and for breakfast we had peanut butter snadwiches with the shrooms in them. my girlfriend and i had two each, since it was our first time; her sisters had a bit more.

i didnt feel anything happening, and neither did she..nit even after ten minutes or so. by now her sisters were looking at the floor and all giggling..they said they saw patterns and the tiles were all moving like..they were scampering all over so that they wouldnt step on the floor, cause it made them feel all ticklish. convinced that they had gone mad..and that shrooms were a gip-drug, i rolled a king-sized joint(west indian stlye) and we smoked it.

what follows is as accurate an account as i can remember of the events that unfolded that day:

at first i thought i was getting high, but then the entire kitchen turned a bright yellow and there was a yellow glow everywhere i turned. when we went outside to sit on the porch, softer duller tones dominated, like white and grey and brown..all sense of time and reality was distorted. my girlfriend came outside to tell me to turn the video off..up to this day i dont know if she did that one time..or one hundred times. my senses were all haywire. when i tried to make a sandwich, everytime i held the knife i had to drop it cause i felt like i had cut myself. it was like my mind wouldnt allow me to hold the knife.

then i had the most intense experience of the entire trip. i was sitting on the porch looking at a soccer ball on the grass, when the lawn all divided into grids which started sliding past each other, yet they never left the boundry of the lawn. all of a sudden the football was three storeys high, and i was floating around it, up real close, looking at the stiches and the writing and every blade of grass and dsut that was stuck to the surface of the ball, from impossible angles. but i hadn't gotten up yet.i was still sitiing down. then someone called me and i warped back out..almost like star wars when they come out of hyperspace. all this time people and events speeded up and slowed down..and someone i could see talkin all the way down the street would seem like they were whispering right in my ear.

finally i came down for the last time and everything was pleasant and cool and grey. i dont know how accurate and report this is. nor do i know what anyone can learn from it since i was also smoking up the whole time, but it was an experience i long to repeat..now if only i could find the right mushroom down here in this part of the world.

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