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Fire Vines and Phish

It was in the middle of July.

It was in the middle of July. My 4 friends and I decided to go camping up on the ski area, so we packed our sacks and headed up for the mid-station warming hut. It is a fair sized building, 2 big rooms, a fire place, bathrooms, exposed rafters with a high ceiling, a porch and surrounded by woods. Perfect place for tripping. It was a perfect Vermont evening, warm with a full moon. I had already smoked a lot of Herb, so I asked my friend Shaun to make the shroom mix for me. I'm guessing he gave me about a 16th, which is the most I've ever had.
We sat and listened to Gates try to play the guitar, which wasn't going very well. Shortly after it started coming on. We walked over to the ski lift, which was a minute from the hut. We walked up a short hill and sat on one of the lift seats. I looked over the valley below us and watched as the little buildings and the base lodge started rippling and changing colors. I sat watching this for a while, but soon the base lodge got mad at me and told me to mind my own business, for the builings were performing a dance for the river, and humans weren't allowed to watch. I apologized, and told my friend, Gates, (who was lying on the unloading platform) that I was going into the engine room of the lift.
It was one of those new lifts, so the room looked like a ship out of Star Wars. I slowly made my way up the ladder and while I did this, it turned into an escelator which swiftly brought me to the top. Inside The room was pulsating and vibrating, which really started to freak me out because I thought it would crush me. I left there as quick as I could.
Gates Shaun and I decided to go back down to the hut, so we started down the hill. We grabbed Seth, who tried to follow us up to the lift, but got into an interesting conversation with a tree. The tree asked to talk to me, so I told my friends I would catch up with them. He told me about the forest wanting to be my brother and asked if I would surrender myself to him. I said yes, so he grabbed my hand and melted me into his trunk. He stole my ego from me and discarded it down one of his roots. I watched as the silvery, mercury-like shape wormed its way down a ski trail. I felt so in touch with everything, I had to share it with my friends. I asked to be released, so the tree bid me farewell and placed me onto the tall grass, which carried me to the hut.
Once inside, I saw Ryan had climbed up into the rafters and was screaming about some tidal wave that was headed this way. It was his first time tripping. He had way to much and was freaking out. I asked him to come down, so I could cure him. He reluctantly came down and I told him to let his fear sink into the ground. As I said this, his fear sunk into the ground and he became extremely relaxed.

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