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fine time

I grow using PF's methods, and have been 4 the past 5 years, and have never had a bad trip.

I grow using PF's methods, and have been 4 the past 5 years, and have never had a bad trip. Last night I harvested 35 grams,(fresh weight), of closed cap shrooms and made a fruit/shroom smothie with them. I drank this rather good tasting concoction on an empty stomach, and proceded to prepare myself 4 the trip,( dark room with a few candles, bean bag chair, pack of smokes and a glass of water-oh, and most important, I had my music selection at hand. btw, Bach rules while on shrooms). Anyways,I felt the shrooms start to kick in about half way thru my drink,( periphrial imagery,etc.), and quickly downed the other half of the drink...
About 30 mins. had past when I really knew that this was gonna be one of my more intense experiences,( my most intense was w/ a 14" section of San Pedro- blew my mind for 20 hours straight! it wasnt exactly a pleasurable trip). I was sitting in my beanbag chair in a lotus position, staring at the candles, and chain smoking my Kamel ciggies. I suddenly was totally overwhelmed by waves and surges of orgasmic and climactic ecstacy: so much so that my eyes began watering uncontrollably, and at times felt as though my head was going to explode and envelope first my room, then the earth, and finally the entire universe. I lost all sense of ego and time, and felt as if I were dying..as if God were ripping my soul out of my body, for a joy ride i wouldnt forget. But I knew all would be fine, I kept hearing and feeling the presense of a a being,or rather, a vast energy that seemed to be trying to reasure me and guide me through this uncomprehensible experience.
I was encompassed in a world where my ancesters existed. I travelled back in time to when I was a child, and had many intense, pleasurable memories. I witnessed the big bang, and whizzed thru the cozmos at hyper light speeds, and became everything that ever exicisted and all that ever would.... I felt like a big black hole that sucked in all that could be imagined or concieved.....
5 hours had passed when i realized i was no longer seated; I was sprawled on the floor and really had little recollection of what had just transpired. I then made my way,( difficultly) to the bathroom to take a piss, and probably tripped out in there for another hour. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and seeing not my physical image, but my inner essence, my spirit. I "heard" a voice asking me if i knew who i really was, my true identity. I pondered on this for a moment and decided to go back to my room and meditate on this thought. While doing so, I felt a definate presnse in the room, but kept my eyes closed and my mind on meditating. An alien voice began speaking in seemingly familiar but odd chirping-ringing-clicking noises,( Terence Mckenna has reffered to this phenomenon as machine language, which is often encountered on DMT and sometimes, Ketamine trips). The mushrooms seemed to allow me to understand what i was hearing, and I've concluded that this is all somehow linked to the origin of our own languages.
Anyways, 8 hours into the trip, I quickly returned to baseline and felt very warm, euphoric and content, but I didnt feel any closure to the immense experience i had just had. Afterwards, I easily fell into a deep sleep which lasted for 10 hours. My dreams were very vivid and colorful. When I awoke, I tried to piece together and make sense of all that had transpired the previous night, but really couldn't. But strangely, in a way I can't put into words, I felt I had a better understanding of the meaning of my life, and the mysteries of it that lay concealled; until opened by this beautiful, ancient and awe-inspiring fungus. Psilocybin will always be a powerful ally for me, and I'm sure, for countless others.
if anyone has had any similar experiences, e-mail me at JLesemann@aol.com....and dont mail me asking 4 shrooms, I only grow for personal us!!! peace be with u all :o)

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