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Filled With Serenity

I had a half ounce of some very potent dried mushrooms which i obtained from a VERY edgey dealer for a VERY good price.

I had a half ounce of some very potent dried mushrooms which i obtained from a VERY edgey dealer for a VERY good price. So i decided to venture into the realm of the "herioc" or in some cases moroninc, dose. I met a friend of mine in a nice part of town and we get some coffee and sat on a bench talking for a while. After a bit we headed behind a building and smoked a bowl of weed. The weed was alright but nothing speacial, so we made up for the lack of quality by smoking an obsene quantity. And we were baked out or skulls. I have my friend 2 grams of mushrooms and he chowed them straight, without a drink in sight, a watched in glee as he gagged on the taste and was pretty close to trhowing up as far as i could tell. I ate 9 grams with caramel ice cream topping stuff. (a novel idea but a bad one, tasted grosser) Anyways i saved a gram each for two of my other friends, they finally showed up after about 15 mins. They chowed and we started walking to our favorite tripping spot.
Somwhere along the way i came up, i didn't really noticed, i was really stoned one minit and the next i was feeling an intense but gentle shroomyness, it felt like i was in a dream, after about 20 more minits a was in a most complete and utter sense of awe. Everything i looked at was emitting a glow of sorts, different kinds of plant had different kinds of glows, each of my friends were emitting coloured auras as well. The way the aura came off them was similar in appearance to coloured tracers, but the objects would emit the effect even when they weren't moving. Everything i looked at was moving gently, grass and tree branches moved like millions upon millions of interacting tentacles, i could stare and their movment was so realistic i didn't even aknowledge the fact that trees weren't supposed to move. The state i was in somewhat resembled that of a stupified three year old child, or more precisley a big infinite spunge ready to absorb anything that it can percive. I was in a world of wonder, everything was new to me, it was as if i was seeing everything for the first time all over again (cause i was!). I felt exhilerated, and my body felt strange it was very alien from me, i could control it, but it seemed as though my consiousness had been sucked out and sat down somwhere to take an unbiased look at the world around me. I was not percieving emotion normaly, if at all.
We arrived at our tripping spot and settled down on the long soft yellowish grass that grows there in abundance. For some reason another one of my friends had come along, he decided to come out with us. This would have been perfect, except he brought another person with him. "Who the hell is that" i said, when i looked at this guy his face contorted and morphed into that of somthing resembling the Joker, but it was alot more intimidating than the joker. Mainly because it looked also like he had third degree burns all over his body. I found him annoying right from the moment i met him. All night long he smoked cigerette after cigerette, (later on he tried to hop a fence and he wiped out, it was one of the most hilarious and rewarding things i've ever seen. We talked and smoked weed, my other friends had better weed, this was the perfect addition to my trip. I took three huge lungfulls from the bong and layed back as i blew out my last toke. As i looked at the sky i watched as the stars began wiggeling with quite a bit of intensity, maybe mot wiggeling, more like vibrating. I stared in amazment at the space before me, the fog had cleared up nicley now and i saw huge galactic gas clouds and planets, and streaks of coulour, and explosions of light, i actually saw these things in the dark sky above me. They were pure hallucinations, but completley realistic, something a rarley experience on mushrooms. Later on when we were peaking we took a walk to a nearby school and we each took our prefered place on the playground. I looked at the grass all around me, the blades of grass all shifted to change into stylized, infinitly changing portaits of of old people's faces, this hallucination would ocour whenever i consentrated on the grass. The grain of the wood that the playground was made of created an interesting visual that looked like blood on maybe more accuratly, sap, flowing through the wooden pieces and into the plastic peices, the texture of the wood would slowly overtake that of the plastic, until i looked away. At some point one of my friends through a rock from the nearby swingset, and (not on purpose) gave another of my friends a nice knock to the head with it. And gary kept smoking his ciggarettes and i was still not liking that guy, but i didn't mind he was looking like a horribly disfigured demon because i felt at peace with everything around me, and everything not around me for that matter. It was a state of enlightenment that i might not ever reach again. Everyone decided to go home at about the exact moment when i reached peek, i sat alone in the middle of the road for a while wondering if i should walk the 3 long kilometers back to my house in a neigboring town.
It seemed like an okay idea to me, After a while i started experiencing extremley powerful auditory hallucinations, i heard the thoughts and feeling of the trees, i became extremley concered for the welfare and happiness of all trees at this point, and i walked up to a large one that was being tapped for sap at the time, blood would start pouring out of the tap into the bucket whenever i glanced down at it, the bark of the tree moved and writhed like a living entity, i stared and stared at the hypnotising effect before me and after a while i percieved a network of blood vessels in the trees, then the bark took on the look of millions of pieces of disgusting disigured human flesh sewn together with stitches seeping blood at the seems. Even though i was in such a strong state of peace this unnerved me and i quit looking at the tree. I walked more and soon i had an intense adventure trying to take a piss in the bush.
I turned on my walkman and I looked up at the sky and watched the universe unfold before my eyes again, it danced and undulated to the nice deep house music i was listening to, then i was home, i guess as i had stared straight upwards at the sky i had walked the entire distance home without even looking down once, and i didn't remember anything other than watching the sky. i went into my house and i came down of my trip VERY quikly, it was like somone flipped a switch, i was having ussual afterglow effects, very slight visual enhancments, i felt renewed, a was filled with serenity, when i began to percieve emotions again the only one i could feel was happiness(which was a rare emotion for me at this time). I was content. Shrooms are the most wonderful of teachers, well maybe peyote has a few more tricks up its sleeve, but anyways. If you are responsible, and experienced with mushrooms, high dose trips can be healing, and beautiful experiences that can surpass your wildest dreams.
thanks if you read the whole long as hell report!

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