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feel it in your mind

All started with the typical desision to pick only this time.

All started with the typical desision to pick only this time.. no one to trip with. I pick up my regular trip combo (2 grams of shrooms [dried] and 2 dimes of really nice hydro). Now normally I trip with other people but not today. All to myself.

Now on to the trip. Starts with taking the 2 grams ( crush em up and eat them with ice cream.. never notice them). Then I wait 20 min and spark up. Pack the 2 dimes into 2 bowls. About by the time the first bowl was finished I was preety fried and the shrooms were kicking in. Half way through the 2nd bowl I can't take it. I had to out it ( my god!) so I just sat back and enjoyed the trip. Wrong move! After feeling dizzy for about 10min I start having one WILD giggling attack. It wouldn't stop and adventually giggling start to feel like I had a little string and a ball tied to my neck and the direction I giggled the ball would fly. This got to be to much as I started to laugh in circles and it would feel like there was a round track and the ball was going around in it. Then it hit me.. I started turning so fast I could see a green and white track and ball around my head flying. On top of that when ever it happened ( happened many many times before I finally stopped giggling about 35min later) the world around me went a light green and everything dissapeared except the ball and the green.

Now bout 45min into the trip I started getting the munchies. I get some chunky soup and dig in only it was different this time. Every time I would take a bite drums would pound and as I chewed a symphony played in the background to it. I was actually composing a symphony as I ate and it sounded GOOD.

Finally I thought I had calmed down enough to go out in my backyard ( I live on a valley so good adventuring down there). Wrong move again smart guy! After wandering around for about 15min I couldn't go on and collapsed in the snow. Bad thing was.. snow felt HOT. I was sweating outside in -5C weather. Also where there are forests there are noises. Ever feel like you could hear everything and make sense of it all. Amazing feeling. I actually figured out what the wind was while down there.

Finally making it back to my house I surround myself in goa ( really good type of trance[techno]) and go wild. Try it some time.

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