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Every year, me and four or five of my friends go up to New Hampshire where my aunt has a cabin.

Every year, me and four or five of my friends go up to New Hampshire where my aunt has a cabin. We shack up there for the weekened and go on a bender, it's a great release. Last school year I was introduced to shrooming and immediately I wanted to try it out at my aunt's cabin. So this past summer, I did. While me and one of my friends waited for the other three to arrive, we decided to eat our share of the shrooms (we each took an eighth). I sat down to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in preparation for my trip, and maybe a half an hour later, I started to trip. If anybody reading this has seen this movie, then you can imagine what I went through during that f***ked up masterpeice. But about half way through the movie, I closed my eyes and started to have all sorts of visuals. I lost all sense of what surface I was on, and all sense of spatial orientation. It was one of the greatest feelings I have ever experienced-up to that point. By then my other friends had arrived and were drinking, so the kid I was tripping with wanted to leave because they were freaking him out. We decided to take a walk down to the lake, which should have only taken us about two minutes, but in the dark and without a flashlight in the middle of the woods, us shroom heads had a tough time of it. After about ten minutes of being fascinated with the sounds and sights of the woods, we made it to the lake. The stars were unbelievable, one of the most mind-blowing sights. Finally, I got my mind off of the stars and decided to go for a swim. The feeling was undescribable. Now, I was peaking at this point, tripping so hard that I barely had control of my motor skills, and I'm sitting in about two feet of water, in a state of bliss. Then my friend had to break up my fun by mentioning the Loch Ness Monster, after mulling that one over for a second, I hauled ass out of the lake and went back to the stars.

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