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fear and loathing at megs house

i sat down with my girlfriend and 5 grams of mushrooms and contemplated how we were going to do this.

i sat down with my girlfriend and 5 grams of mushrooms and contemplated how we were going to do this. at first i thought maybe wed grind them up and eat them with OJ but i decided to make a two mugs of peppermint tea and brew 3.5 grams into each. they steeped for about a minute and we began to sip. not to long after we started we were finished and gobbled up the remaining mushy mushroom peices at the bottom of the mugs. i had no idea how powerful making a tea would be, but we were ready.

we went into her parents room and beagn to feel really queezy... i sat on the bed and we decided we should just turn out the lights andlay down, and listen to some music. i was seriously goin gto be ill and she put on one of her albums, not something ive ever listened too, kimbal collins or some such... as soon as teh first song started i knew this would be an intense ride... closing my eyes i could only see nets of energy and power fanning about from the music, tropical but somehow so incredibally fake, it made me want to tell her to turn on something else, but i couldnt move.

for what seemed like hours i sat layed there in the dark surounded buy nets of flourescent pink and green nets of power, until it was too much. i knew i would have to vomit soon... So up i went to the bathroom and felt my body reject the liquids and not so liquids of my pleasure, i dont really remember the vomiting or the fluching, but as soon as i was up everything had changed...

All around me the air was made of a thick energy, webs and nets and weaves and lines... stringy glowing not like anything ive ever seen. i could only think that this was the very ether of the universe that i had always traveled through but could do nothing to see. moving was a challange beacause of this omnipresent barrage of neon mesh surrounding me, but i had to go see her.

she was laying on the bed still with an smile that could only be described as transcendental or insane. i told her of the strings but she just laughed and laughed at me. i glanced down at myself and realised how dirty i was. i had purged my insideds, but my outsides still reeked of undisciplined humanity, sheer animal stink. i told her i was going to take a shower, but she didnt really care, and i slowly trudged back into the bathroom to clean myself.

getting naked was a chore all on its own, but i managed without breaking any bones to disrobe and step into the shower. it was large and i could tell it would feel good. so the shower came on and i shrank to the back of the stall at piercing water... hot or cold i didnt really know, but eventually it became comfortable to me. so i sat there under this fountain and just felt the millions of hands careen down me and washa way my dirt and outward signs of sin, and as i opened my eyes i was aware of the water dropletts bouncing in all directions in this space, like some mad multi-cosmic pinball game i was the bumper for. soon it was just all too much, and i had to leave.

outside the shower i dressed (slowly i might add) and came into the room to see her and her sister! she was aware of whats going on and having fun with it, making faces at my girlfriend as she giggled at raved about her face turning green. i knew then what i must do. i found my bag and pulled out my paisley socks and put them on. i felt transformed into a god. i leaped up into the air what must have been a hundred feet and bounced around the room like an elf... i was everywhere at once speaking in varied tones and of nothing anyone could make sense of, but i knew all words meant generally the same thing anyway, it was just your tone that implied its meaning, so i spoke with my tone to them. eventually they did make out i wanted to smoke. so off we went.

we moved outside and i had brought my back pack with my smoking utensils with me and we perched on the flagstone ground and stared at the sky. it was breath taking. it was like a unnumbered amount of concentric circles encompesed the entire sphere that we lived inside of. the stars spiraled in and out depending on which way you tilted your head. despite all this bueaty i knew my purpose, and took out my slender yellow glass piece with inside out plaid stripes running across it. it looked liek somehting out of a fantasy novel as i laoded the first bowl, seeds and all, into it. we smoked and everything seemed to get more random, and we liked this.

so after about a quarter of that we moved back inside and began to chatter back and forth like monkeys, but with real words, we made our own play which was something of a cross between pirates of penzance and a sherlock holmes film. we moved back into the bedroom and proceeded to put in my tape of fear and loathing in las vegas on for her to watch, as she had never seen it before, and i was looking forward to devirginizing her of it. we watched and she freaked out, almost silently in my arms, as we smoked on the bed. about right after they take the ether, she took out her ketamine. i was not surprised, but not rude enough to decline, so we bumped twice, and watched the movie, bumping periodically every 20 minutes or so... i felt like this time, i was actually in the movie, a secondary charecter that just witnesses or holds the camera.

as the movie ended we slipped under the covers and made love, the shrooms still hanging on the corner of my eyes, but the K digging me into her like some depraved animal. this went on and off for an hour before we both fell asleep in each others arms. romantic huh?

~Tod Casil
the infamous

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