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Euphoric connections with the earth

Dose: 25g (fresh) Thai Mushrooms, Cannabis (2 joints).

Dose: 25g (fresh) Thai Mushrooms, Cannabis (2 joints).

I had my first shroom trip a few months before this one (which was my second). I had eaten 10g of hawaiian mushrooms and had only really experienced a stoning affect and mild objects morphing. i concluded i had a fairly high tolerance and thought i would dose higher next time.

So, i had planned the trip to an extent. I had a cd player with various music i enjoyed and some infected mushroom and shpongle also. It was the start of my summer and I had no worries in the world, it was also a sunny and warm day, and i think this definately helped me have a very good trip.

I ate the mushies neat, the taste never really bothered me. i don't understand why people complain so much, they looked much worse than they tasted.
I proceeded to walk alone to the park, (i was tripping alone, as i thought i would be able to become more engrossed in the experience alone).

it was about 30 minutes after i had eaten the mushies, i hadn't started to come up yet. I sat on a log and smoked both my joints, when i had done that i walked through the wood a bit more until i found a clearing in the trees where i could lie down (at this point i was feeling a very strong cannabis high and felt like relaxing and enjoying the music).
It was at this point that i started to feel the shivers from the psilocybin working their way into my body, however it was barely noticable as i was feeling quite high anyway.

I was lying on the ground on my back and looking up at the blue sky through the brances of gently swaying trees, feeling nice and warm. The shrooms were just starting to take effect and i found that i was able to relax my eyes slightly and alsmost enter a meditative state of mind and body. suddenly the trees were no longer trees, but the dark brances and green leaves patterned against each other and they spiralled inwards in a kaleidoscope way. The colours were very intense and psycadelic, it was immensly beautiful, and it surrounded my entire vision, the music was definately sounding 'wider' (this is hard to describe unless you've heard it).
the music helped relax my mood even further and helped me reach a very euphoric state.

Although when looking at the trees in this particlar way i lost a sense of my body, i found i could easily snap out of it and get up and walk around as normal.

I moved and lay down on a lawn, i saw the curvature of the earth and my mind was feeling particulary creative, i was finding all these shapes and figures in the clouds which i never would have noticed before.

The trip gradually trailed off after about 3-4 hours.
I would definately reccomend this to anyone, it has allowed me to see nature in a completly different way, and i will be appreciating it more when outside in the future (on shrooms or not!)

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