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Fat Albert

My buddy had some shrooms, so I figured hey, why not?

My buddy had some shrooms, so I figured hey, why not? I chowed down an indeterminant amount (it's kinda hazy) and sat down to watch TV with my pal. After a while, I started to feel 'strange' and then things started doing things they usually don't.. Walls breathing, dogs turning into chimeras, streams of musical notes flying from the ass of anyone who farted, that kinda thing.

Suddenly, Fat Albert jumped out of the tube! I just about dropped a load. My friend obviously didn't even see him; he was still enjoying Picture Pages. Fat Albert taught me a lot of things, and I feel like a better person for meeting that big fat bastard. He also made fun of that guy who wears the big wool cap a few times, too. Fat Albert rules.

After that, everything seemed pretty tame.. I hope to meet Fat Albert again someday, and maybe Chuck Norris, too. I've always wanted to learn karate.

One thing I must share - don't forget to eat your pudding, kids. Fat Albert knows his stuff.

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