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I had a soccer tourney in the North suburbs of Illinois and my family and some chicks on my team were staying in the country area of Wisconsin at a farmhouse that we had won in a silent auction.

I had a soccer tourney in the North suburbs of Illinois and
my family and some chicks on my team were staying in the country area of Wisconsin at a farmhouse that we had won in
a silent auction.
I had an 8th of mushrooms, 2 grams of white widow, 2 grams of hydro, 2 of chronic,and a bottle of vodka. Needless to say I was ready to start the night. We drove for hours to this place, finding a few miles from a typical old Wisconsin town that closes at 6 o clock. Upon reaching the place I saw a giant white house, it used to be a hippie commune back in the day i found out later. We walked in, only to find the creepiest, darkest, buggiest rooms you could imagine. But damn that place was already trippy, the floors were sloping, the doorways were crooked....I definatly had to ingest some shrooms.
I took about 3.5 grams of the crazyest mushrooms I had seen up to that point. After doing some shots, I made my friend, who was not involved in the drug culture at all, promise to stay awake all night and ride this thing out with me.
First i noticed a body buzz, along with greater definition of shape of the objects. I at that point, got out my notebook and a red sharpe and decided to record the whole night in my mushroomy haze. The floors were moving from under me, the walls were breathing, I was definatly becoming more schizophrentic in my mind phase, explaining the mysteries of the universe to my stable friend, noticing pictures dancing on the wall in neon colors of orange, yellow, green, and blue. I couldn't move from my seat on the sunken couch as life was flashing before me eyes. I toked a few drags from my pipe to calm down, an old reflex. I freaked, I cooled down, I wrote, I explained the mysteries of the universe...my trip hadn't even peaked. It was about 3 when my friend finally pased out despite the promise. I sat for an hour, contemplating the situation, hearing the radio that had been playing Prince and Shawn Colvin all nite...what kinda of sick bastard would put that kinda music on at a time like this?? I woke up my friends to tell them to go upstairs to the real beds as it didn't make sense to sleep on the couch..and i wanted a scenery change. I walked up the stairs 007 style, exploring my surrounds. I talked to my friends some more about the crazyness of that hour that they were both asleep was so intense. I was then told to go to sleep dammet. I tried, i didnt. But if you could understand that i was peaking in that room...you'd understand the rant Im going to go on next. The room was so geometrically unsound,, it wasnt a square or anything of that sort, it had a sloping ceiling that sloped over my bed, the floors sloped up and down,there was a paint can hanging from the ceiling and there were tons of dead lady bugs,, and none of those things were hallucinations....i think. Just imagine, i went on that rant and woke them up. It was about 4:30 and i was in pure estacy and schizophrenia. I spent about another half hour decorating the bottoms of my birkenstock sandels with patterns of my initials and mushrooms, on the left foot putting it all upside down. I went down stairs as the feeling of good vibes was coming with the morning. I took a look outside into the fields and i saw nothing except mist that surrounded the house. I got some orange juice and tried to read some kerouac. It was about 5:30 when i mightve heard some movement in my parents room,, so of course i wanted to go and greet them and welcome them to the new morning....so I see. I was still seeing flashes of light and body effects, but it also came with the feeling of I survived a night of psilocybin in this crazy farmhouse...sweet.

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