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Fairy-tale Bubble

Type of mushroom: No Idea Amount: A lot (This would be a Lvl 4 trip at some points extending to a Lvl 5) I experienced my first and most powerful hallucinogenic journey during a Swedish summer festival about three or four years ago.

Type of mushroom: No Idea
Amount: A lot
(This would be a Lvl 4 trip at some points extending to a Lvl 5)

I experienced my first and most powerful hallucinogenic journey during a Swedish summer festival about three or four years ago. We didn't go there to see any of the bands play, of course, but to party and have a good time.

The festival, which by the way is called Hultsfred, is divided into two areas. One is the main festival, where all the bands play and where they've got all the dancing tents and stuff. The other is the camping area where festival participants have their tents and party. I kept away from the festival, of course, since the real party was going on 24H in the camping-lot.

The area itself is really beautiful, situated near a big lake in the middle of a nice, gloomy forest. And so once a year the peacefulness of this place is ruined by a weeklong period of complete anarchy drenched in alcohol and drugs. In the middle of this happiness I run around, completely drunk and with no idea where my tent is located. My friends are long gone in the huge crowd of people that are constantly moving around on the small dirt roads between the tents.

As I'm walking around I suddenly get to a point in my drunkenness when I realise being drunk just isn't going to be enough for an occasion like this. I had smoked pot a couple of times before, but hadn't really considered trying anything else up to that point. For some unexplainable reason I just start asking every person I meet if they have any acid to sell. The third guy I ask apologetically explains that he hasn't got any, but that he does have some fresh shrooms, however. Why not, I thought, and off we went.

We climbed up on a small, rocky hill in the middle of the camping-lot. It was about two o'clock in the morning and it was quite dark, and you could see lots of stars shining in the sky. We sat down on a rock and he started to tell me all that stuff about what was going to happen, what I could expect and so on. He passed me a huge jar of what looked like wet rice that's been out in the sun for a few weeks and told me to start eating. He would tell me when to stop. As he was talking, I munched away on this gooey stuff and the taste almost made me throw up. He was really excited about giving me my first trip and babbled on about this and that for quite a while. Some half an hour later he looks in the jar and then looks back at me with a shocked expression on his face.
- Oh shit, you must've eaten at least two-thirds! Even a tenth would be enough for your first trip, man!
He told me to stay where I was, and went to bring some friends and stuff we would need for my trip. I didn't understand then what he meant, but he said something about me going to need people that would look after me.

As soon as he was gone I had this really weird feeling. I just stood up and ran down the hill and into the forest. The strangest things started happening as soon as I got down. In the corner of my eye I saw something moving. I turned my head, and the bushes on my right transformed into a deer, and two seconds later it disappeared. I kept running, when suddenly a huge troll made out of stone emerged from the cliff on my left side. Once again it disappeared into the rock as I ran by further into the forest. I realised I was tripping, and that I would have to stop somewhere to think things through a bit.

I stopped in a small circle of trees and went to the nearest one to take a leak. The tree stared at me with the might of a five hundred-year-old oak, roaring, waving its huge branch-arms around in fury. I was paralysed, what the fuck was happening? The forest turned against me, every little leaf on the ground was focusing on me. I soon understood that I had come to a crossroad in my trip, a trial if you will, and had to choose the right way quickly. The spirit of the forest was really upset by my actions. I just looked the tree straight in the eyes, laughed at it and said, "You're stuck to the ground, asshole, what can you do? Take this!", and kept pissing on it. The gravely insulted tree realised I was right, and so did all the other plants around me. The forest just relaxed, and I was out of danger. The mushroom had accepted me.

I started walking towards the tents and people, and walked down one of the dirt roads. Suddenly I found myself inside a huge glass bubble, with a diameter of approximately twenty meters. I knew that inside this perimeter everything that happened was part of a beautiful and magic fairy-tale, nothing else existed.

Up ahead I saw three people sitting alongside the road, discussing something. As I came closer I saw it was Elvis, an Angel (female) and a little girl (she with the red scarf, you know, from the kids story about the wolf who ate her grandmother and all that), much to my surprise. I sat down with them and tried to understand what they were talking about. It was, of course, impossible. They too tried to communicate with me, but it was just too hard. The angel whole-heartedly tried to help me light a cigarette for ten minutes with no success, much to Elvis' displeasure (obviously he had something going with her when I came along) and mine (I really needed a smoke, bad). I noticed I still had the jar with the shrooms, which now out of some strange reason also contained a full package of cigarettes and a lit flashlight turned upwards. Then they all suddenly stood up and started walking away.
-Where are you going?, I asked.
The girl with the red scarf answered me.
- We're all really tired, so we're off to bed. It's four o'clock in the morning you know.
- But if you go, the fairy tale will stop, it'll say "The End"!
She looked me deep into the eyes, so understanding, lovingly.
- No. The fairy-tale has just begun.
I was left there alone, shocked and at the same time so happy at this obvious truth I had been to blind to see, and wandered off among the trees.

I vaguely recall how I walked around in the forest speaking to people, or at least trying to. In a crossroad I met a very large guy, who said he would help me in my quest to warm people up by hugging them. We started hugging people, and soon there were four of us, a small army of huggers. As we grew in strength, I understood that I must leave the group to their destiny, leave it to evolve on it's own. So once again I abandoned my company and started walking, aimlessly. There wasn't especially much people out by now, so as soon as I saw it I immediately set course for what seemed to be a little meadow, where a beautiful woman talked to a group of strange beings.

When I came closer I saw that it was Mother Nature, and maybe five or six different mythical creatures of the forest over which she ruled - elves, fairies, gnomes and other races I did not know the name of. They seemed friendly, so I went straight up to the beautiful woman in the middle.
- So. You are Mother Nature.
The whole group started laughing, kindly. Mother Nature looked at me, astonished. Her eyes were so blue I could almost see laser beams shooting out of them. She gave me the warmest smile, came up to me and kissed me. It was just fantastic. They invited me to sit down with them to tell my story, but I had a mission to fulfil. There was a whole world to explore, I just didn't have time to get stuck in one place. They bid me farewell and off I went.

By now I was out of cigarettes, and in desperate need of more. There was no way I could find any at this time of the day. I look down on the ground as I am thinking this, and in the middle of the road lies a full package of cigarettes. My brand. I don't think too much about it, and light up just in time for one of my friends to show up. He too was lost with no place to go, so he came along with me, believing that I would lead him right. He later told me that while wandering around I tried to explain to him the meaning of trees, but it was just so hard to understand. I also tried to give a cigarette to one of the sticks that holds the tents to the ground. Walking around doing strange stuff like this I suddenly stumbled straight into my camp, found my tent and thought that maybe I had enough experiences for one day. And so I went to bed, not knowing that I had read only the first page in the book of hallucinogens. *curtains*.

- Soda

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