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faces in the walls!!!!! lol

earlier today i ate 3 grams of shrooms, smoked a gram of hash and a 5 of weed.

earlier today i ate 3 grams of shrooms, smoked a gram of hash and a 5 of weed.....all of a sudden everything became 2 dimensional and started melting.....the walls were dripping with colours and i could see ghost faces in the walls. i was listening to music, and it was like i could feel the music. then i went for a journey outside. the trees were reaching for me and waving at me, and there were faces in the trunks of the trees.i felt like i was floating. i thought about a problem and solved it easily because it was looking at things from anothr persons point of view...... i went to this REALLY TRIPPY site that blew my mind. www.virtualom.com .... for sum weird reason everything kept turning red everything outside looked so beautiful and i appreciated everything so much more . i looked in the mirror and my face started to move and rearrange it was so funny. i couldnt stop laughing. time went by soooo slowly..i totally trippied out and thoguht i saw sumone in my room when i was home alone lol..crazy!!!! better than acid

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