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Expanded knowledge

This was my very first trip and im not sure i remember the amounts right.

This was my very first trip and im not sure i remember the amounts right... But here we go... :)

It was this nice morning. I had just woke up from a nice long sleep and felt extraordinary relaxed. This was the day me and my friend G. had decided to go for a trip out in the woods. The day before we had talked about the settings and stuff and decided to shroom in the nature cuz that seemed to be safe. G. knew a very nice little place not far from here so we decided to take that.

I felt kinda curious about it. After i had eaten my breakfast that consisted of cornflakes and emptied an old milk, i rang him up. He had been awake for almost 1h already and was as curious as I was even tho he had been tripping before :-). We decided to meet at the bridge 1km from here and from there bike to the woods.

At about 12(daytime) I took my little bag filled with a little of this and a little of that as for using as trip toys and biked away to the bridge. We met there at about 12:30pm. He had also brough some stuff as we could use as trip toys. Then we sat off. It didnt feel that far cuz of the bikes and after approximately 25-30min we were there. We had to pass through some quite rough bushes tho but if you wanna get to the perfect place you have to :-). When we finally reached the place we settled down for some minutes. G. gave me two oranges and told me that they could be used as trip easers. He explaned that the vitamines in it could settle down the oncomin trip alittle, if needed. G. that knew a little bit more than me about shrooms was the leader now. He was the one that had come up with the idea and he was also the one that had bought the shrooms. (300sek)~30$ for 3g Cyanecense.

After a little meal that consisted of some fruit we started to devide the shrooms in two equal amounts. That was not very easy cuz it was kinda windy and some pieces acctually blew away, but finally we were finished and ready to eat'em. I didnt realy know how to do so I chewed for like 6-7min till G. told me to swallow. :-). Then he just lay down and waited. I actually didn't feel like laying down so i just sat there lookin at the sprinkling water and listening to the sounds of the birds.

20min passed... Nothing was happening. I realy made an effort trying to feel anything, but with no success. I knew that shrooms and other psycedelic drugs often comes on slow and it could take a helluva time till it kicked in, so I decided not to be too anxious about it.

After about 45min I noticed that G. that had been laying there chatting and talking about his own trip experiances started to say realy wierd stuff. I responded him at some points but didn’t realy get any sane answer in return, so I turned around and there I found him facing the tree that he'd been leening towards. Check this out! he said, I got there and looked at the tree. Damn i was nice. The tree was like the nicest thing you could ever emagine. I felt one with it and I touched it and felt a very soft, nice, varm surface. Not like a tress. I stroke it. G. had now gone tired checking it out and had went to the bag and was scrambling it to get a toy. :-) I went there and picked up a bikes horne. You know those you horne with. It was so damn cool and so damn nice. Everytime i looked at it, it turned my face convex and that was freaked! I saw G. holding this awesome little thingy. It looked like a square with a thousand colors and you could swirl it around how ever you wanted to and the colors changed. It sorta made you do that. All the colors at it just shined and made nice little light beams with different colors. I asked him if I could have that toy alittle and he gave it to me. I just stood there for what seemed to me 1h swirling that thing but then I though that it would be cool if my arm also did that same trick, so I checked that by lifting my right arm and it did! Every time i moved it sorta left tracers behind. I told G. to try and he had the same result.

We just stood there for some time and looked at eachothers arms when suddenly we heard someone. I got terrifyed! I didnt know what do! It was like the whole nice little world I was living in just chrashed! I sat down on the ground hoping he would not come this way cuz I didn’t realy feel like talking to someone while tripping so I asked G. to check it out. He calmed me down and told me he would. No one is there, he said, and that broke my fear instantly.

After a while G. Come up with a cool idea. "If we talk engl. Maby the water will understand what we say" he said, (I live in Sweden) and started to speak eng to the little river. This is when I think I was fully toxicated by the shroom, it must have been my peak. I actually heard the water respond to him. It was so damn cool, it didn't realy speak eng. words nor any language I have heard of, it just sorta made us understand, like telepathed to us and told us that it had something to tell the world. It started to talk about this big world, much bigger than the world we were living in, the humans just couldn't expand it right and see all the limits. G. Asked some quite deep questions and the river accutally responded him in such deepness that I can't even explane in here on a paper, but we understood it and that was amazing. Then it told uss that the world we were livin in was somehow connected to another world and the univers was just a little gate for uss. Piece and happyness would come to earth if we just could understand the nature and live in piece with it side by side.

This realy made me lost my breath. It was so damn unbelevabel! I was now so exited i couldn't think straight and I started to laught. I though about all information the river had gave us and it all just got to me, i suddenly knew the answer of everything, like the ultimate solution that would solve any political questions and all trubble all around the world. It was amazing, how come we never spoke to the river before i asked G. but I didn’t realy care to get any answer. Then I just law down in the grass and closed my eyes. That was also cool, cuz everytime I closed'em I saw thousands of nice colors swirling around and made nice patterns. I also heard this "Aummmmmm" sound coming from above. It made me a little wicked so I opened my eyes and looked straight up in the clouds and there was a man made out of clouds. He was old and had a long white beard, and he told me that the humans are able to do much more things than we acctually think. Things like swim like salmons and fly like an eagles, we just think it’s impossible.

Later on G. was wearing off and so was I. I had brought some Tea and we sat down to drink it and talk about what we had been through. It was kinda funny, cuz G. wasn't realy off it yet and had these kewl little thoughts he shared with me. But finally it was all over, the clock had stroke 00:00, so we decided to make our way home, and so we did. End of Trip Storie!

PS: Be sure to trip in the nature…


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