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everything as it is suppose to be

Ive tripped many times and im going to acount my second trip i ever had.

Ive tripped many times and im going to acount my second trip i ever had. I had just purchased an 1/8 of shrooms about 3 days before and was ver very eager to say the least to get started. I picked a saturday afternoon for my voyage. I had had a long day at work and was keeping my shrooms in a friend of mine's car outside of work. As a walked out the door from work i got in the car adn ate my stash. It was about 3:30 or so. We drove around for about 10 minutes then i went over to one of my friends aparment. I sat and hung out with him and another buddy for about 45 minutes. This was my inisiation period. I started with getting real heavy and "tight" which felt great, i tend to "rock" the chair when im listenin to music and trippin'. I couldnt tell at first if i was started or not, but the walls stareted to emerge like a big bubble and pulse. After that 45 minute time period another friend came to pick me up(i was staying at his house that night, to avoid going home in any weirded out condition) So we opened the door and walked outside. I had the privalage to see what i had seen on my first trip which was branches of trees(it was february and there were no leaves). The ends were "growing" off of each other and forming into spider webs. We got in the car and started drving back to his house. When we got back to his house i layed out on the trapoline by myself to avoid noise and distraction(my friends stayed in the garage to smoke weed). I stared out at a telephone pole and the sky. The telephone pole seemed to lay down and submerge into water(the sky) like a dead tree, the wood ingravings started to look like faces pulsing. AS i lay there i was staring in the direction of the sunset (about 4:30 or 4:45), but from behind grew an emense glowing white light like sunrise or bright car lights, warming me. After that one of my friends went back to eat with his parents and me and my friend went to go for a ride in his car. As we got in i put in "dark side of the moon". As we started to drive the music seemed to flow insync with the world around me, and i got the feeling that everything is how it is supposed to be and everything flows together in order. I passed a landscape and the sky and clouds funneled down into the ground and the foreground and background moved apart(watch yellow submarine and at teh beginning of ellenor rigby when the buildings move youll know what i mean)Then we parked down by a park and i sat in the car. It was finally getting dark and the moon was full and it was certerd in between all of the trees. WHen the "clocks" came on in the song Time i cliamxed fully. The tree limbs again grew but this time faster and larger, they grew over the moon incompising it and then everything around shattered into pieces like glass(the sky and trees and moon) And everything went white for about 2 seconds(or maybe a lifetime) I felt a total awesomness come over me and i fell back into the chair and took a huge exhale and started the "coming down" side of my trip.. As we drove back my visuals started to fade and i started to loose my "heavyness" and tightness. I would have to say this one a life altering expreiance and i am glad to have done it and still choose to. HAppy trippin'!@#$%

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