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Ever take enough for 2 people?

I've only done shrooms once.

I've only done shrooms once. I technically did enough for two people. I got 4 "dealer's 8th." Which is amounts to 3.7 of an 8th. I did the whole bag w/ a friend. I actually ate more than she did.

Here's my info:
120 lbs
5" 6'

I was at my friend's place right after I got the shrooms. Neither of us had done them before. We decided to take it slow. We ate a little and downed w/ cola. We waited about an hour for any effect but got nothing. So we ate a little more. I beleive, as the trip started to take over, that we ate more and more. We ended up eating the whole bag. I was the first to really hallucinate. We were watching Jay Leno, and the buildings behind him started to pulse and eventually walked around and ate each other. I couldn't take the light from the TV for much longer b/c it was so radiant and explosive. It hurt my eyes.

I shut the TV off and laid down. I watched patterns and characters rise from the ceiling for ages. After a couple hours the trip went seriously bad.

I saw intense patterns of eyes and teeth. I felt my body start to mangle with the patterns. I kept trying to escape it. I thought about every relationship i had with people. The more I thought the more I felt like I was going to explode. My body felt like it was hot and cold at the same time. I kept touching myself everywhere, but it felt like someone else. I felt like I was raping myself.

I had eaten a little before which was BAD idea. I coul;d feel my insides start top escape through my mouth. Then I threw up. I laid there in my own puk for the next 3 hours b/c I couldn't move. the only part of me that could was my feet and my butt. I was sort of laying there dancing w/ my feet and butt. They had mind of their own.

That's about all i can remember. The feelings were so intense that my mind won't let me remember them.

I though I was going to die.

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