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Euohric trip

I ate 35 grams of fresh thai shrooms 2 weeks ago.

I ate 35 grams of fresh thai shrooms 2 weeks ago. The initial effects could be described like very good ecstasy, with very pleasant "rushes" going through my body. The feelings started to get more intense. We decided to go to the shop, originally planning to buy some whiskey. While walking, i started to trip, with the stret-lamp light changing colour. I saw a police van at the shop, then what i thought was to cops walking towards me. I didn't realise til about 1 yard from them they were actually two teenage girls! After getting to the shop we decided the alcohol wasn't a good idea, so we walked back. The light kept changing in intensity. After getting back the night is a bit blurred, but i remember my friend talking to me out of a duplicate mouth in his forehead. I remember very clearly that when the trip was at its most intense, i was closing my eyes and seeing this vivid, 3d pulsating diamond with many colours. This must of went on for ten minutes. Time seemed to strech. Then like that, it was over. I felt the funny feeling from the mushrooms still, but the trip just suddenly ended. It was the best rug experience of my life, phsically very nice as well as a beautiful trip. But i felt quite depressed afterwards. Compare this to my first mushroom experience where i did 40 grams of fresh colombians. This was very different. It lasted so long but i got less visuals, but my brain felt like it was breaking, i was agruing with myself and feeling very paranoid. But the thais where great, no ba effects except feeling a bit crappy afterwards!

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