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Eternal Hell in the Mind of Prisoner

TRIP TO HELL It all started 20 minutes after the shroom’s effects started to kick in.


It all started 20 minutes after the shroom’s effects started to kick in. When the first effects arrived I felt good but unusual. The colored lighting in the room that consisted of purple and red lights started to change. Sometimes the room would be all red, white, or all purple. My attention span started to go away and I was flippantly paying attention to my friends. The coolest effects happened now. I had the most amazing peripheral vision and could see my friend that was to the complete right of me and my other friend that was all the way to my left. It turns out my eyes were able to go in different direction and this was nothing I was ever able to do. Dizziness started to kick in and I than closed my eyes a lot. I saw things that I didn’t understand and can’t remember what it was. I put my hands over my face and felt something I had never felt before. I could feel the color and the taste of my hands just by touching my face. How do you feel color? I guess shrooms make you do things you would never ordinarily do. I ask my friend to write down the things I was saying so I would never forget this experience. He did but had a hard time ‘cause he started to trip as well. I understood from what I was seeing that our brains are too small and incapable of understanding or comprehending what’s out there. The shrooms I took screwed up my brain chemicals allowing me temporarily get a glimpse of what we normally can’t see. However the sensory overload made me feel sick. One thing I noticed in these first twenty minutes is that I felt more awake than in real life. It could’ve been from my senses being jacked up. The universe that is out there has some much to offer and I saw only a small fraction of a fraction when tripping. The sickness started to affect my entire body and brain. My friends’ voices echoed, the lights kept changing and my feelings started to change. The worst part of all was my conscious started to fade in and out as if I were waking up over and over again from a very short dream. My friend whom was also tripping went with me to my room over at the end of the hall. On the way there I felt a force by the window pull me towards it. It felt like a magnetic attraction but I pulled myself away and entered the room. Here I picked up my guitar and tried to play but I couldn’t because of my overwhelming sickness and lack of consciousness. I asked my friend to help me out and talk me through this and he tried but I kept getting worse. The nausea I was having intensified and so did everything else that was bothering me. I rubbed my hands over my head and face and could feel lots of sweat coming out. I could hear the minutest sounds everywhere. I felt pain and awkward feelings in places I don’t normally feel. My friend turned out the lights and I got in bed. He was on the floor talking but I couldn’t concentrate. This next part is very hard to explain because I had never experienced this before. It was an unknown situation to all my friends whom I told to after the chemicals were out of my system. I’ll try to explain it the best I can so bare with me. My brain was like a dart board with holes. Every little hole was a place where my consciousness could have been, hundreds and hundreds of alternate realms. Normally no matter how sick you are you still have the ability of some control of your thinking. However the conscious that was left of ME, was deteriorating and I had only a little bit of me left and that was the part that felt the suffering of this trip to hell. I was literally splattered over this board of dimensions and woke every 5 seconds in a new place. I woke up as if I had been sleeping for a life time and when I would look at the clock it was only a minute past the minute I had woken up the last time. I cannot describe the pain I was having because ninety percent of it was not physical but mental, meaning it was inside my head. My friends came to visit me beside me bed and asked, “What pain”? I would reply I’m in fucking pain from this damn shrooms and I can’t explain. It was just too complicated to explain and when I think about it now, I honestly can’t tell you. I kept getting worse and worse and my brain felt like it was melting or getting erased like in the movie, Eternal Sunshine in the Spotless Mind. This movie is a great example of the situation I was having except I did not go through memories inside my head. I was a prisoner inside my own brain and unable to escape. There is nothing worse than this. I understood that hell is not about fire and pitch forks with demons. The brain makes the universe around you and it can also make the hell that you will go to. I was tormented relentlessly over and over again. Time was of no existence and eternity was everything. I cried every time I woke up in this new realm and prayed it would go away but it didn’t. I asked God to help and that I would live every day to its fullest, accomplishing the things in life that I wanted to, if I could escape. I screamed in agony and kept saying never again! I now understand how horrible it must be for a mentally ill person. I was now mentally ill, labeled insane. I wanted to commit suicide but I had locked my knives away before I ate the shrooms. Luckily I did because I would’ve have done it.
My other friends eventually arrived because I requested them and they were somewhat more experienced than me at this drug. Later I heard that they arrived two minutes after my friend called them. I swear it seemed like four hours until they arrived. They finally came and saw the condition I was in, and immediately they asked how much did you take? My friend replied, “A quarter.” “Oh my God, he took too much she replied!” I was in and out of consciousness so I only picked up on a few things they said. I started to feel a little better knowing I had lots of company. They decided to put some cool visuals on while playing music from Itunes. I noticed that I had become an amazing observer and was able to pick out some anomalies in the things I saw. I was amazed and knew that the program was doing this and my mind just made it easier to see these things. I soon saw faces in the corners of my screen. The faces kept becoming more vivid and I soon realized that it was a highly contrasted picture of me. Soon I was able to take random patterns throughout everything and see faces. I would look at the patterns on the floor and the wall and saw evil looking faces everywhere. They were not hallucinations; I was just able to connect the dots in my head. I turns out faces were hidden everywhere and they were all of me. Soon the trip was gone and I was able to talk to my friends about how I felt without blacking out. I checked out the book my friend and I had written in and it looked like a serial killer had sketched out messages from hell. There were even drawings of some strange objects.
Two days have passed and after swearing I would never do it again I now think I might do it again in the future. The Hell I went to was so unbearable and I am surprised I would even consider it. I wish this upon no one and hope that if this is your first time, you take the correct dosage because beware. Also make sure you have nothing depressing on your mind. I will say now there are some after effects that I have been experiencing. I am a little schizophrenic. I’ve been hearing sounds from places that should be silent and I’ve been seeing things in the corner of my eye that shouldn’t be there. It’s a little bit spooky. However, now it seems like I am more receptive to the beauty of the outside world. Color seems more vivid in the sky and landscape. I now notice the subtleties of things. To summarize this experience I will say that the mind is an amazing thing. The universe around you is all created by your brain. Taking this substance alters the universe which you exist in. The possibilities are endless. Positive things can come through this drug but once again Hell can be around the corner.

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