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A few weeks ago a friend and I, sacramentally ingested about 4 or 5 grams of better than average mushroom in his basement at about 12:30 at night.

A few weeks ago a friend and I, sacramentally ingested about 4 or 5 grams of better than average mushroom in his basement at about 12:30 at night.(my memory of the night is fuzzy but i'll share what i remember)Once the shroomz kicked in we were feeling a good high but nothing out of the ordinary, at the time we thought that we were peaking and were a little disappointed. So, we went up to his room to chill so his parents wouldn't bust us, once there we prepared ourselves to truely trip. The coming up process wasn't all that spectacular so i'll just skip that part, and go right to the peak. Once we peaked, and o boy did we peak, all of lifes questions began to unravell and answer themselves, things in life really made sense. we started off trying to draw but neither of us could concentrate enough to draw very well, after all this was our first really big trip. Within the span of about 3 or 4 hours we solved almost everyone of lifes questions, unfortunately neither of us can remember the answers. I saw the face of Jesus in his wall and eventually I saw him as Jesus, and my friend saw me as buddha. The one accomplishment we both remember bcuz we wrote it down is, That reality and normality are 2 completely different things, normality is society detirmining what reality is, but societies reality is completely worng. By definition we achieved enlightenment for about 4 hours, we were in heaven, and we realized that earth is hell.CONVERSATION IS A TOOL OF COMUNICATION, that's another thing we wrote down, not completely understanding why I'm not gonna try to explain where that came from. Now remember this whole time we had to remain almost completely silent for his parents were just down the hall, and a few times to make sure they were'nt up and hearing our conversations my friend travelled with his mind to see if his parents were still sleeping, his exact words were "It's ok, my Mom just rolled over but she's still sleeping", and another time i went to the bathroom and this was the first time we had been seperated during the journey and i could feel a presence of him with me, and when I got back I told him that and he said that he felt like he was in there with me. To test this, I asked what the first thing i did when i got in the bathroom and he knew, wrap your minds around that folks. That's pretty much the jist of it, I could go into detail but this is long enough. Basically to sum up MUSHROOMS CAUSE ENLIGHTENMENT. O and for u fellow trippers, laser pointers are great trip toys. BY J+P

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