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Energy In Space

Alright, this was supposed to be the best trip ever, but some unplanned disturbences occured.

Alright, this was supposed to be the best trip ever, but some unplanned disturbences occured...

This is gonna be long, so bere with me...

Here's how it went.... Galen and I(Rhae), were planning this trip for so long, and finally the day arrived. My friend Brian hooked up us, and gave us this warning and I quote "be careful, dudes, thier really potent, there's enough here to trip ten people out of thier minds." Of course, Galen and I had our doubts. So with some persuation Galen conviced me to take a "sample" of the shrooms that night.

We took two small stems about ye ------------------ long. We had some nice patterns, some halos around objects, nothing too big, so we just watched tv. This really got us stoked for the big trip.

We packed our bags, and we really stocked up on colorful fruits, and flowers. I brought the perfect selection of music, some Mozart, Tori Amos, Aphex Twin and Bjork.

The big day finally arrived, Galen and I cruised out to the forrest to pick up his sister Ivy at the camp that she was working at....

We reached our destination, unpacked and sat around waiting for the time to pop em. We decided that taking them at five thirty would be the best time, and we would peak around sunset...

Finally the time came. We divided up the shrooms, damn, we eached had around four huge caps, and god knows how many stems. They were so blue!!!!! It was amazing....

So we figured it would take about a half hour to kick in, but oh no, these puppies worked in FIVE MINUTES!!! I'm serious. We all had that light, giddy feeling. Things became a bit crazy but under control, and I was excited to see what the rest of this trip would behold.

Time was lost now, and would be until ten later that night. So I felt that it was a good time to go on this trail near our camp site. I skipped up the trail, and looked at the ground. I found...... an ACORN. It was really hard to explain, but the whole world was crazy, but the acorn. I ran giggling and screaming to Ivy and Galen about my find. Galen took one look and said that it wasn't special, and threw it. I was distrissed, but all would be forgotten.

We took out our journals to document, however, ever entry was just so amazing, and we all agreed that each page had it's own personality. I took my journal and sat by under a tree, and jotted down every random thought I had about myself. I felt so at peace with myself, and understood my self so well. I always have this overwhelming self love when shroomin. So I wrote, but then I had this feeling that Galen and Ivy where talking about me. Then I heard Galen say, " I wonder what she's doing over there".

I stopped and noticed the beauty of the forest. The weirdest thing though, was that I could feel the space, the air, the atmosphere, I don't know what it is, but I felt it.
Ivy sat by me, and looked through my journal. And we saw two young blond haired girls walking through the forest. I wondered what they thought of us when the saw us, and as I was thinking that Ivy said it out loud. Crazy. Ivy left me and sat by herself in a sunny spot among the trees.

Galen sat by me, and told me about some weird thoughts he was having. I wasn't really paying attention, I was just kinda thoughtless for a moment. But then he said something, that still makes me squirm today. He said "The human race is just so weird, like what we are, and what we create". That statement would haunt me later.

We got up, and sat by another tree, closer to Ivy. Galen and I talked, I don't remember what about. But I was watching the veins under his skin. All skin just moved and "sucked in". Galen said something to Ivy and she turned around, her eyes just shimmered. It was beautiful.

I think Galen and Ivy sat at the table, and I just sat against a tree. I felt the energy of the ground, the tree, the air, and the whole forest. I loved the energy from the air. I wanted to be part of it. I imagined how wonderful it would be to float around the forest, with the energy of the air completly surrounding me. But sadley I knew that would never be. I got up, thanked the tree for the support and wandered over to my friends.

They had these faces that said that they were not having fun. I saw the material items, and felt more part of nature than the human race. I remembered what Galen said earlier about humans. I hated the human race, we destroyed the earth, we have to rely on plastic to live, I hated us. I hugged the tree next to me. Told it that I loved it. And sat with the other humans.

Ivy looked at me and said "This sucks, this is way too intense. I can't stand it". I relized how intense it really was. I looked at Galen, he didn't say a word, he just looked around. Ivy said that someone had camped right next to us. I listened to them. This man, with the young girls, was awful. He was yelling "shut the fuck up!" to his girls. I felt the negitive energy from the man. Ivy talked more about how much she hated shrooms. She used alot of negitive words. I felt sick to my stomach, the plastic things were so ugly.

I mummbled to my companions that I was going for a walk. I walked, but felt like I was going to die. I stumbled like I was drunk. I found a nice tree to sit by. But felt little comfort with it. I layed down on the ground and looked up at the sky. I've never seen such prominant fractiles. I thought about how bad all drugs are. I thought of the effect they have on your system. I heard the trees whisper "shrooms" and "she's trippin out", like they were making fun of me. "Oh God, I've really fucked myself up", I thought. I still felt like I was going to vomit. I could barely move. And I knew that I had hours to go. I wondered how people could enjoy this...

Galen sat by me and asked if I was alright. I looked at him, and noticed that he was more scared than I was. I told him to go get the milk, because I read somewhere that it can bring you down. He ran off. And I knew he wouldn't come back. I knew that my friends needed me to be alright, because they were scared, they had never tripped this hard, and as the one who has, I needed to be there for them.

I mustered up all the strength I could, and walked back to my friends. Galen had disapeared to the tent. I told Ivy that she would be alright. She said that she knew that, but that it still sucked. I told her not to say that anymore, because it's not making it any fun. She talked about the man again. There was not much to do there. I suggested that we move. But we decided that would be too much work. So we were there to stay. And that we should try not to listen to them, because it was too negitive.

I felt so tired. I had to get some sugar into me, I felt so weak. I rummaged through the cooler and found some strawberries. I ate one, they were just awful, but I need them. So I just jammed them down my throat. Galen had come outside, silently. He sat there as I rambled on how we would be alright to Ivy. I kept thinking that she was was freaking out. But she wasn't. The strawberries were worth it, I felt rejuvinated. I tried to give some to Galen, he looked as though he could use some. He refused. He looked so confused, and sweat was pouring from his face. I asked him if he was alright. He a little too camly "we are going to go in that tent later, we are going to go in our sleeping bags and sleep." Um, yeah.

The sun was starting to set. There was a slight breeze and it felt great. I felt so alive. I walked around the campsite, and I felt huge. I felt so tall. Galen said that he felt the same way earlier.

Galen made us go inside the tent. There time slipped away in fractils and Galens incoherent rambling. It was a little insane, but I wasn't too worried. I knew he would be alright. He kept us in there for so long. I got up to get something outside, Galen snapped at me "Where are you going?" I told him. "No! Don't leave me!" So I stayed with him.

It was completly dark outside, and listening to Galen put me into his thoughts, like I was in a trance. I don't remember much that he said. But I do remember him asking about a praying mantis every five minutes or so, but who knows?

We were all coming down, and reality welcomed us back with open arms. I loved it. And I have a new found appreciation for it. I still saw some light patterns though. Ivy talked about what the other campers must think. God we were so loud. Our conversations were going in circles and I was getting the huge shroom yawns. We eventually found our way into our sleeping bags, and as Galen said we would, we went to sleep.

I really learned about energy, and how everything, even the air has it. It's just increadible
Overall I must say that it was not a very good trip. But it wasn't terrible. I had fun. It could of been a great trip if we had all been more prepared to trip so hard. I think I was, but just enough to take care of myself. I couldn't help them, and I should have been able to. I found out that drugs aren't bad, it's the attitude that you take them with. If your going to take shrooms, sit around, listen to hardcore, and watch the floor, you need to rethink about what your doing. Shrooms have an effect on your body, and as with most things, they should not be abused. Trippin should be a special occasion. Not just weekend fun. I do belive that psychodelics expand your mind, if you let them, so explore. Have fun, and try to learn from your experience. Alright, so till the next episode.... happy shroomin'

(Galen has written his take on the situation, you should check it out, I think his title is about a praying mantis)

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