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It was a sunday night, knowing I had school the next day, I almost decided not to trip.

It was a sunday night, knowing I had school the next day,
I almost decided not to trip. I sat around for a while, pondering the results should i scarf down this bag of dried fungus.

I pulled somewhere around 3 stems and 4 caps out of the bag, and chewed them up. They tasted like rotten salad or something, I was gagging, trying to get them down.

After the deed was done, i layed on my bed in nervousness waiting to see what would happen. I had not ever tripped prior to that night, so i was unsure of what to expect.

After a while, my mom came home, and i talked to her, then I retreated to my room, feeling the shrooms were bunk. Just as i least expected it, my face buried in my pillows, i saw mist-like waves in a circular moving pattern fog my vision.

i became giddy with delight. they were legit! and so my trip began.

i was listening to the blade runner soundtrack, and the music seemed clearer than ever. i noticed sounds and instruments i had not picked up in previous sober listenings.

after about an hour, i felt like i had an epiphany. all of a sudden, life made sense, i discovered a feeling which gave me confidence to improve my work ethic and academic endeavours.

its hard to describe the feelings i felt; at times i was so spellbound by my newfound understanding of life that i wanted to share with the world the joy of mushrooms.

i moved into the living room to see what wonders and revelations it contained. laying on the couch, i stared at the wall, when all of a sudden a shadow started to move around, it had teeth and eyes, and was riding a little dinosaur around, biting it in the face and neck and fucking it at the same time. i watched this for nearly an hour. i stood up to go to the kitchen and everything around me became 4-d, i could see ever side and angle of everything, no matter the perspective i looked at it from.

the streetlights shone in from the venetian blinds and the thin lines of light became blazing neon green, and danced about the room for me.

i stumbled into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. i saw my face, with clown make up on. my skin started to pulsate and sink into my skull, but keeping in m ind that everything i saw was simply a hallucination kept me in a state of mind that i could laugh at everything and not be scared.

i went to sleep.

when i woke up, and the trip was over, i changed my outlook on hallucinogens. i believe now that they allow you to see a plane of existence (or somethin') that you would normally not be allowed to see, and that in the process of tripping, one can sort out the deepest thoughts and questions and problems they have, with ease.

in conclusion, my first trip was enlightening. at work that night i performed my job better than ever, completing all of my tasks in no time at all. i was able to deal with school without my typical cynical outlook, and devil may care attitude.

the trip has changed my life. i intend to trip again this weekend, and see what wonders the fungus holds in store for me.

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